I Am Considering Going Filter-less In My Betta Tank

Thanks for this good information but I might have scanned past this part but I have a betta(I've had him for a month and a half now) in the good living conditions(he's also in a 15 gallon tank) and he shows no signs of illnesses but for the last 24 hours he's been laying at the bottom for long periods of time not moving at all until I make a movement close to his tank. He is eating and does swim around very little but with the lack of oxygen in the tank at the moment (im trying to find somewhere that sells live plants for fish still) it worries me that he may be ill and I'm just not noticing the right signs? Or even is it possible to current from the filter is too strong? It doesn't seem like the filter would be the issue but I'm not that experienced with fish care.

The following filters are suitable for Betta fish and will not cause them so much stress:

@anonymous: Hi Nikki! If there is one brand of aquarium that's truly "zen" like, it's Fluval Edge. It has a unique setup that allows you to hide the filter and "wires". If you scroll down, you'll find the Fluval Edge Aquarium Set, Matte Black, 6-Gallon at the bottom of the page. I believe it's the perfect tank for any betta fish. Good luck!

I Have A Betta Fish In A 3 Gallon Tank Without A Filter

1. Filters are used for other fish species so why not use a filter for a betta tank. These fish are all male. Do you know the temperature of their water? Bettas are tropical fish and need a steady temp between 75-81 to thrive. Keeping fish long term in containers that size is the equivalent of spending your whole life in a closet. Since these "tanks" have no filtration, you should be doing DAILY 90-100% water changes to remove the toxic ammonia the fish are constantly producing. Hope this is helpful.

I have a betta fish in a 3 gallon tank without a filter

Hi, I have a new betta in a 5 gallon tank with a filter but no heater. He is in my classroom at school and the classroom stays around 78 degrees. It is a school building so stays fairly chilly. I have ordered a 25 watt heather for my tank (it will be here tomorrow).. But I was wondering if its safe for the fish to add the heater and slowly adjust the temperature? Or do I need to take him out?

How often should I be doing full/partial water changes