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Many of ours actual aquarium dream would have been to have a fish bowl with one or two fishes swimming in it. However, during implementation due to many realities, we end up buying a 10 plus gallon tank with filters, , etc. This is because most of the tropical or saltwater aquarium fishes need these equipment’s for their day-to-day survival. Nevertheless, here is the happy news for you, make your dream come true with a betta fish. Yes, betta fishes can survive in a fish bowl with proper water change and without any filters. In addition, there are many compact, portal tanks available explicitly for betta babies. They cost reasonable compared to other tanks and easy to maintain. Thus saves your time and money. You can also keep betta fishes in ornamental flask with live plants, like a decorative in your home or office tables. In addition, you can look at them often for a quick stress relief. You cannot have any other fishes in ornamental flasks, they can hardly sustain. However, make sure to do a water change frequently, so that your loved pet can live for a long time.

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Male Bettas cannot live with each other. They need to be kept in separate tanks where they can't see each other. If they can see each other for prolonged periods of time they will become very stressed. If males are kept together, they will fight to the death, hence the name Siamese Fighting Fish. Female Bettas can sometimes live in groups of 5 or more if the tank is heavily planted and they have enough space. Most sources state a 10 gallon tank as a minimum however, we personally would recommend 20 gallons. Our females live very peacefully in a heavily planted 20 gallon tank. When putting groups of females together, the process needs to be done slowly and carefully. They need to be left acclimating in cups next to each other for a long period of time. This helps condition them to other female company. Just remember that where Bettas are concerned, there are never any guarantees, and you must be prepared that the females may all need separate tanks to live in. The decision to try and have females living together should not be taken lightly.

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Can Bettas live in bigger tanks with other community fish? I really dont think I'll change this, but I would like your guys' experience and opinions. Hi! Betta lovers. I work in a top-notch pet store and the most frustrating part is a lot of people do not listen. The typical response is, "I have had fish for years and have always done it this way". Anyway, I got a Betta and a baby biorb for myself, for my birthday. The biorb is a great tank for small fish less than four inches; only holds four gallons. Remember, one inch of ADULT fish per gallon of water. Room temperature and the light kept him warm, around 70. I had no idea what wonderful fish they are. They have great big personalities! Fell in love. He got a bigger tank, 20 gallons and some tank mates. Well, I learned not to put black shirts and Betta's together. He got a bigger tank, 29 gallons and new tank mates. He lives VERY happily with neon tetras, von rio tetras, white clouds and corys. He loves his decor because he can swim in one side and come out the other, he thinks he is so cool! I have had him for almost a year now, we had a battle with fungus that left a scar that is fading, but he is now healthy, happy, and very much the comedian.

Can Betta Fish Live With Other Fish

Which fish can live with bettas? Betta fish can be very territorial - they don't get called fighting fish for nothing! But knowing a few simple facts you will be able to have you betta co-existing with other fish peacefully. #aquarium

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