~A Peace Lily – This is the only plant you can put in there.

I have had my betta in a large vase, it is a 5 gallon vase, with a peace lily stuck in the top of it, for over a year now. I think anyone with a heart that buys the betta and peace lily combo from a store can see that the bettas are not in a good environment. I don't know of anybody who keeps the fish in the orginal cup, bowl, or vase that it came in. I have a pleco that also lives in my vase. The two of them are very funny fish. The betta used to attack the pleco, but the pleco swatted him a few times with his huge prickly tail, and the betta left him alone after that. I don't have to change my water more than monthly in my tank, and having a live plant is very good because the plant puts in oxygen for the fish, and the fish put in carbon dioxide for the plant. I feed my fish, betta pellets. The pleco loves them, and I also feed him algae tablets. I have actually seen my betta nibble on these pellets. They are great friends, and I have a great tank for them. Lots of room for swimming and chasing. I also have a treasure chest in the middle of the vase for decoration, but it collects good stuff for the pleco. I suggest everyone read about keeping live plant tanks, it saves time, money, and everyone is happier!

Betta tip: Soak your plant roots to make it easier to get the dirt off before placing it in the vase with the fish.

It doesn't take a lot of work to come up with a great vase that has a plant and a beautiful Betta fish in it. Maintaining this set up is easy! It makes a great center piece for the dining room table or for special occasions (including weddings and showers). Or you can put it on a shelf and add to the décor of your home.

Ideas for beta fish plant and vase habitat

I'm thinking about buying a Betta fish this weekend and I heard the vases with the plants are harmful has anyone heard this? also do a search on these vases.. you will see the amount of info that strongly state that they are HORRIBLE. sorry to be an alarmist.. but i found this thread to be ALARMING. please plant enthusiasts.. if you find that this is too much work than do the lily vase but OMIT the fish. i know that bettas are pretty and ad 'FLAIR' to the centerpeice, but dont forget that they are living things as well. how would you like to be in a stuffy bowl with roots all over you and you cant breathe and you have to stew in your own feces and urine??

This is a nice How-To on how to make your own Betta fish in a vase

hi, my name is christine. i am curious about a betta fish being placed in a bowl with a bamboo or ivy plant floating in water and mounting the bowl/vase onto my wall(i have cats)in my bathroom. you see, i dont have anywhere to hang plants in my bathroom since my walls are soft. and, on top of that, i dont have window in my bathroom. there is an exhaust fan that switches on and off through the day in there. so, my concern is…..trying to keep my apartment healthy without killing the fish/plants. help,me please?! can you give me a some ideas of low maintenance plant in vase/bowl with fish for purifying the air around me? help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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