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Cycled water is another important factor in your betta's health. Cycled water is water that has been established with colonies of biological bacteria that convert harmful toxins produced by fish waste into less harmful substances. This can be done by adding a biological conditioner to the tank water prior to adding the fish (Image 5). Allow the biological bacteria colony to grow to a size that would consume all of the fish waste. This is why it's important to let your tank cycle before you add your betta fish.

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Betta fish Stock Photos and Images. 82 betta fish pictures and royalty free photography available to search from over 100 stock photo brands. One problem that you may run into with a cellphone is that they don’t offer optical zooming. “Sure they do”, you say. No, they don’t. The zooming function on cellphones is a digital one, not an optical one. The digital zoom on a cellphone camera is only zooming in on existing pixels the camera is picking up in the overall, un-zoomed, image and enhancing them. Actually, I don’t see you needing to zoom in on a betta fish in a tank very often. I suppose if you really wanted to blow up just one or two betta scales… then maybe.

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Betta Tankmates
Every betta has its own personality, some can be aggressive towards its tankmates while others can be peaceful. The tankmate can't resemble the appearance of a betta, can't be aggressive (or else it'll stress or even injure your betta fish) and can't be too small that the betta can eat it. These fish make great tankmates:
1) Corydora (Image 3)
2) Pleco (Image 4)
3) Apple Snail (Image 7)
4) Medium to Large sized Tetras (Image 8)
5) Otocinclus Catfish (Image 9)
Despite the fact that these tankmates are appropriate for most male bettas, some might react differently to its tankmate. Like I said before, every betta has its own personality.

Aquarium Decor: Fake or Live Plants?
Before you decide to add anything to your betta's home, whether it be gravel or an ornament, never wash it with soap or detergent. No matter how well you rinse it off, the soap's residue will still be there and will eventually leach into your betta's water and kill it. Wash it lukewarm water, and make sure its material is appropriate for aquarium use and that it doesn't have sharp edges that can scratch your betta.

Plastic Plants

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