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I wanted to thank you for posting this.
As a pet store chain aquatics associate, i try my best to educate people about bettas (and goldfish) as they are the most abused fish.
I love my bettas who each have their own 10g tanks with canister filters and heaters and lights. they constantly swim about and explore and blow bubbles!
As for the stupid little cups bettas come in… i agree. so in my store i put one betta in each tank that the other fish are displayed in. Not only did my animal manager protest but my DISTRICT manager said it cannot be allowed….they have to stay in the cups…. I may run the aquatics department but i certainly don’t make the rules (unfourtunately). I have come to see VERY quickly that its about making sales, not the animals health. so all i can do is tell my customers about betta care and hope for the best. 🙁
About half of my customers listen to me and buy bigger homes. I call it a win if i can sell them on at least a 2.5 gal (i know it should be bigger and i do tell them that) and a heater for the poor things.

Our new homes for our Betta fish - Large brandy glass, Amazonian water lily and natural pebbles!

The rice paddies and swamps betta fish call home are complete ecological systems. The gently flowing water in these systems control toxin levels naturally. Scavenger animals and bacteria present in these natural betta homes help break down and render harmless the wastes that betta fish produce.

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Our new homes for our Betta fish - Large brandy glass, Amazonian water lily and natural pebbles! Bettas have always been used as fighting fish, bred for their aggressive nature and, later, for their brilliant colors. In fact, it was a tradition for Malaysian children to pluck the fish from their homes, sometimes 50 at a time, and pit them against each other in fish fights for local bragging rights. Bettas of the 1800s and 1900s were dark and muddy-colored, turning vibrant shades when agitated. It’s only present-day betta fish that come in all the colors of the rainbow.

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A major part of caring for a betta fish involves making sure they are content and not stressed. Mimicking their natural habitat is the best way to accomplish that. Bettas love places to hide so they can feel safe, especially when sleeping. Think of hiding places like their homes.

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Betta fish are the most obvious choice for a pet fish. This vibrant colored fish is most often seen swimming alone in aquariums in the dentists’ clinics, offices, and homes. Such fish can thrive in small bowls, but to ensure their survival, it is best to get them a betta fish tank.Remember too, that the bettas we keep in our homes come from generations of domestic stock and are very different from their wild cousins. The next time you hear that bettas should be kept in a small bowl, know that it is simply not true. The smallest acceptable tank size for is one gallon (3.8 liters) and this minimum is not recommended. About and up is much better for your fish.