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When a fish has SBD, simply moving around to eat or breathe may tax its strength or exhaust it, which leaves it open to secondary infections and many other problems. There are many steps you should take to help out your sick fish, and it may help to set up a "hospital tank" until the fish has recovered. Some bettas may have a defect or injury that results in chronic Swim Bladder Disorder. For a betta with chronic SBD, there are many things you can change about their habitat to make their life easier and more comfortable.

You got a sick betta fish huh? Or you’re looking for help diagnosing some sort of potential beta fish sickness perhaps?

Betta fish can live in smaller bodies of water than other aquarium fish tolerate, but even so, they need good care to maintain their health and avoid developing conditions common to ailing fish, such as popeye. Frequent water changes help prevent popeye from occurring; an existing case of popeye is treated by adding certain medications to aquarium water.

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Betta Fish Wont Eat! Please Help! :( | My Aquarium Club Make sure your Betta is properly packed for the trip. Place the fish in a “doubled” bag filled with as much water as the bag can hold. Just adding this extra water can help your Betta cope much easier with the trip.

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Bring with you a dark shipping bag, which will also help calm your Betta. Most pet stores put fish in clear cellophane, but that’s not the best way to transport your fish. If you don’t have what is needed, put the clear cellophane into a paper bag which will be better than having nothing at all.

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Dropsy is the symptom of a very serious fish disease, and must be treated with urgency. This and other diseases that afflict fresh or saltwater fish in your aquarium can, if neglected, kill other species in the tank as well. Your entire is at risk!

Periodic health checks for dropsy, as well as other serious fish diseases like , will always help to keep your pets healthy and swimming for years. It is imperative to consult a fish disease expert to discover the cause and to obtain the appropriate treatment for dropsy in your Betta.Swim bladder disease is a common problem in bettas caused most often by overfeeding and constipation. The swim bladder is a gas-filled sac inside your fish. It helps the fish rise and lower in the water much like a buoyancy control device a diver might use. That is why bettas with this disease will either float involuntarily along the surface or they will sink to the bottom of the bowl. Some other symptoms are a lopsided body position while swimming, lethargic behavior and swelling of the stomach. Swim bladder disease is not contagious and is easy to treat.