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As it happened, a reporter from FAMA Magazine was in attendance, and recognized the Halfmoon as extraordinary. He featured the Best of Show male on the cover of the magazine and also ran a story about the origin of the Halfmoon. With the increased exposure, more breeders throughout the United States and Europe became intrigued by the form, and clamored to acquire fish from the line. Peter Goettner, Sieg Illig, Leo Buss, Bonnie McKinley and others started breeding for the 180 degree caudal form. A combination of the popularity of the breeders and the quality of the fish helped to popularize the form, and soon Halfmoon bettas were winning competitions across the United States. Always passionate about their little native fish, breeders from Thailand sent special requests to European and American breeders for Halfmoon stock in the late 1990's, and many breeders were able to part with enough good breeding fish to give the Asians a leg up into the tree. With their ideal breeding and raising conditions, they were able to take the form and run with it, and by 2003 were consistently producing fish of an even better quality than those seen in Europe and America. Today the Halfmoon form is the overwhelming preference of breeders the world over, who strive to breed the very best while incorporating a passion and science unseen in most other hobbies. It is truly the form which redefined the standards of the Show Betta.

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half Moon Betta fish...never heard of half-moon.....awesome and beautiful...just want to say now I have a halfmoon betta and it's beautiful!! 9/3/2015..just found out he died while I was in hospital 9/9/16 ..SAD

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Halfmoon bettas are perhaps the most wanted type of betta fish. The halfmoon tail is large and when flared the caudal fin will fan a 180 degrees which causes the tail to create a half circle – and that is where the name comes from.

Mr. Hell Boy, a halfmoon plakat betta #fish

Over-Halfmoon betta fish have similar fins to halfmoon bettas. The difference is that when flared the caudal fin will fan over 180 degrees creating a shape that is larger than half a circle.

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