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Fish antibiotics can be used to treat fish fungus and fish skin diseases that may affect your goldfish or Betta fish. For instance, a specialized fish antibiotic such as is beneficial for treating some fungal infections. Other anti-fungal medications include Ketoconazole. An antibiotic like penicillin can be used to cure fin and tail rot, in addition to other bacterial infections that may affect the fish in your tank. For more information about purchasing these products for the health of your fish on a personal or commercial level, the professionals at Goldman Pharmaceutical Group today. We can help you restock on the treatments your fish need the most to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible.

My betta fish has a fungal infection so I've been giveing him BettaFix everyday

It looks like the lump is a viral infection which could be a symptom of another disease. You have talked about seeing white under the discolored scales- this could be the main disease, i.e. fish fungus, ich or even anchor worm, and I think the discoloration is just due to the sickness. You need to examine your fish carefully to identify the exact disease. See description in this article to help you identify the disease. I have also suggested some medications in the article. Have you tried Bettafix Remedy? Try this as it cures almost all fish diseases. It is also a great water conditioner! See the link for the medication i.e. at 10. Velvet, and buy it if you use Amazon.

Betta Fish Diseases: Sick Betta Fish

All fish are highly susceptible to fungal infections and the Betta fish is no exception Fin rot may also be caused by a fungal infection or another underlying disease that has caused a weakened immune system or stress. It’s possible for a betta fish to be suffering from more than one ailment at once.

Betta Fish Disease and Illness: Preventions, Causes, and Cures

Currently on the Board of the aquarium often see the topics on , many of which are deadly dangerous fungal diseases of betta fish, damage to the aquarium. Please share with your readers some information about this disease. Fungal infection is a common disease common in tropical fish. Because the spores of the fungus is found in the , these spores will enter and infect fish when the fish are stressed (stress), injury or disease. Poor water quality can cause increased fungal infections on fish in the tank.

Also treat secondary fungal infections