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One of the most common types of food that a betta fish will eat is the classic fish flake. Against everything that you may think, fish flakes are not made of artificial materials or chemicals. In fact fish flakes are dried parts, or rather flakes if you will, of other old fish. Don’t worry because this is natural, fish eat other fish in nature all of the time.

Fish flakes, etc. Anything he'll eat. I knew one betta that ate ants. very strange.

This means that your betta fish will love the food, but it isn’t any inconvenience to you. You can store the freeze dried food just like you would store fish flakes and they don’t need any special care to keep from going bad. This kind of food is really convenient because the foods are just as healthy as live food but don’t need any care to be kept alive.

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His food right now is Bettas are predominately insectivorous. In the wild they eat small insect larvae and other invertebrates. In captivity, live foods such as mosquito larvae, black worms, or brine shrimp can be offered. In addition to live foods, many commercial diets are available that meet the diet requirements of bettas. Any well balanced community fish pellet or flake food is acceptable. Some companies even sell betta specific diets.

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I suspect you are overfeeding your fish. You should only be giving your betta about 3-4 flakes per feeding and the goldfish would be better off with small feedings more often than one large feeding. I do not recommend a bottom feeder for either tank as it will not solve your problem. >>

Feeding goldfish flakes to bettas

These fish are carnivores, and prefer live or frozen foods to anything else. It’s more nutritious than pellet or flake food, and produces less waste in the tank. If you can get live foods, use these as often as you can. A varied diet is important to your Betta’s health.This is a good option to go with if you want to save a little bit of money and still give your betta fish a good meal. Fish flakes for carnivorous fish will have all of the necessary nutrients that your betta fish needs to be happy and healthy. Moreover, there are also special betta fish flakes that meet their dietary needs bang on. These fish don’t typically respond well to pellet or flake foods, but most new or casual Betta keepers find this the most convenient route. Once they get a taste of live or frozen foods, they will usually turn their noses up at pellets or flakes next time you try them. I give my Bettas a diet of live brine shrimp, frozen bloodworms and pellet food. If you want to convert them back to prepared pellet or flake food after feeding them live or frozen, just starve them a couple of days and add pellets at that time. They will get hungry and eat them, and it doesn’t hurt the Betta at all to go a couple days without food.Try putting a tiny mirror up to the aquarium for a while and let him flare up like he could be fighting another fish and have some new things step into his life. Or buy another betta fish and use a tank separator and let them see each other once and great while to add some value to their lives. I get this question on a daily basis and everyone thinks their fish is sick. These fish get bored out of their minds because they don’t have anything to do like they would in natural habitat… So it is up to their owners (we the fish geeks) to do cool things for them. I filter on my tank.