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Natural Betta behavior meant that the fights would last only minutes before one Betta subdued the other. Once began, fights could last up to several hours and act as entertainment for villages. People would make bets on the fish, losing money, property and even family members in the process. The Bettas would flare and fight each other until one was severely maimed and injured, but not to the death because the harmed fish would be removed from the glass bowl before that point. However, death often occurred soon after for the losing fish.

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Though they are aggressive and territorial, fighting is very stressful on the Betta fish and should be avoidedif at all possible. While it may be tempting to put two male Bettas together to watch them posture, or place amirror in front of the fish to confuse it into thinking another male is around, you are going to get a show, butyou will also shorten your Bettas life.

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betta fighting fish for sale uk The Betta fish, Siamese fighting fish, or betta as it’s known by its genus, is an elegant tropical freshwater fish that is popular as a pet and often housed in eclectic home aquariums. In the wild, native to areas like Cambodia and Thailand, the betta and still watered canals.

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The natural Siamese Fighting Fish has a stout elongated body and short rounded fins, with the female having shorter fins than the male. Like all other labyrinth fish they can breath air, generally gulping it at the water's surface. They have a special 'labyrinth organ' which acts like a lung that enables them to survive in oxygen-depleted or polluted waters. They will grow to between 2 1/2 to 3 inches (6 - 7 cm) in length and their average life span is 2 - 3 years with good care.In their natural wild form the body coloration is a dull green and brown, though possibly becoming stronger they are agitated. There can be a color pattern change with mood swings, primarily on females. Horizontal bars will display when they are stressed or frightened (only rarely seen on males) and vertical stripes may appear on females when flirting to indicate they are willing and ready to breed. Today Betta's are available in many brilliant colors and color patterns, and with incredible fins. Both male's and the female's have been developed through selective breeding. This species has two primary mutation forms: a xanthorous form (an excess of yellow pigmentation) and a black form. and from these multiple varieties have been developed.Blue and red colors were the first and easiest to develop. They have now been followed by magenta, orange, white, yellow, black, turquoise, dark blue, bright blue with pink highlights, cream, dark green colorations. Marble and butterfly patterns have emerged in combinations of these, such as a purple and blue. There are also metallic tones such as copper, gold, platinum, and an "Opaque" white. These were obtained by crossing with other Betta species. Bettas have been selectively bred for finnage that is longer and of various shapes. Some of these forms include:Fancy colorful males are most commonly seen, but females that were once quite a drab fish are now available in much more intense colors and finnage as well. Even so, females do not attain the same showy fins nor the color intensity that males of the same type do.

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Imported from today’s Thailand in 1910, this beautiful and dazzling little fish quickly became an American favorite. In 1927, a white Betta was exported to the United States and named Betta Cambodia, but people soon recognized that it was in fact a different color of the Siamese Fighting Fish.There’s a reason people of all types love bettas. Sometimes called Siamese fighting fish, these feisty fish pack a lot of personality into a very small package and make great pets for almost every living situation. You’ll find them right at home on a desk at the office, enhancing the look of a livin...Becky RichtsmeierNOT SURE WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH THIS FRONT PAGE, SO FOR NOW THIS STAYS AS IT ISThe ProblemClimate change is a big issue and we found research that has supported the idea that fish need specific water temperatures to keep functioning in a healthy way.Betta Fish, ones that are known to be aggressive, lack research that show any relation between temperature and their behavior, so we decided to base our project on this!Our hypothesis was the following: Temperature affects the Betta splendens behavior.ExperimentFor this project, we obtained 3 tanks and 6 male Betta splendens. We stuck 2 in each tank with a divider down the middle. This is to avoid any unnecessary violence. We then altered the temperature in each tank, keeping one at the high range of Betta temperature comfort, one at a comfortable temperature, and the last one at a colder temperature.Three times a day we would fight the fish, removing the dark divider from the middle, leaving only a transparent one that allowed visual contact.Each of the fish fights were recorded at thee different angles.BLUE RED AND BLUE BLACK FIGHTING TEST BETTA FISH

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