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Also be sure to feed your betta fish at the same time each day because that will give them a routine and routines are always easier to get used to than frantic schedules. Another thing to remember is that you shouldn’t be waking up your betta fish to feed them if they are sleeping.

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The vast majority of readers here will have fully grown adult bettas at home. So for them, the generally agreed upon frequency is once per day. It will not hurt if you feed your betta fish twice in one day. Depending on whom is doing the feeding, sometimes it works better for your schedule to feed once per day. Some people need that extra betta interaction and opt for the double feeding routine. Whatever floats your betta boat.

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Jul 29, 2012 - Betta fish can live for a week, or longer, without eating, however this is not the ideal feeding schedule If you notice buoyancy issues with your fish, it could be because of swim bladder issues. Overfeeding and poor water conditions are the cause of many Betta maladies. Do a water change, and switch to an alternate day feed/fast schedule for a week and see if he improves.

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Hi Kathy. Sorry to hear about the troubles of Flutters the Betta fish. A few things I'm thinking: If his fins are rotting that's a sign of poor water conditions, stress, or both. It is so hard to keep a one-gallon tank clean, no matter how hard you try. Upgrade his tank when you can, but for now consider putting him on a feed/fast schedule (don't feed him 1-2 days per week), and make sure you're only feeding what he'll eat in a five-minute period of time. This will help keep his water cleaner. Keep up with the water changes, and make sure you are thoroughly cleaning his gravel too.

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Another thing to consider is constipation, it is very common for Betta fish to get constipated from over eating. One day of fasting is recommended in most Betta feeding schedules.Some keepers have one day a week that they do not feed their fish, instead allowing it to have a chance to clean out its own digestive system. Betta fish can live for a week, or longer, without eating, however this is not the ideal feeding schedule. If you are going on holiday, leaving your fish without food for 3-4 days should be alright.It takes a betta 2 full weeks to starve to death. That’s 14 days without eating!.. so that means your fish is fine and won’t starve to death. It’s a very common issue for Bettas to over eat and have digestion issues. Feed them once a day at the same time of the day for a routine schedule if possible. Over feeding them causes bloating and other issues. Be strict when feeding your Betta fish and know they need less food than you think.