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Today, Betta Splendens are the most popular fish with breeders in the United States and Japan. Commercial Betta farms in Malaysia and Singapore breed both display Splendens and fighting Splendens, with the breeding of the fighters producing the most revenue. Fighters are often discarded following their matches and new ones are bought, whereas, display Splendens live up to four years.

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So yeah.. Florida is the top tropical fish producing state in the country with the largest ammount of tropical fish farms in the world.. We definitely need our own betta thread(:

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betta fish farms | betta fish "This sort of packaging is more typical of large scale fish farms in Asia shipping to pet store chains," Victoria Parnell-Stark, who sells the siamese fighting fish and runs betta fan site , clarified in an email to HuffPost. "This is not at all how hobbyists and most show breeders/distributers would ship bettas."

This is what a betta farm looks like in Thailand : bettafish - Reddit

A: I haven't actually seen the original natural habitat from whence bettas came. But I have seen 35m slides of several Thai betta farms taken by my longtime betta buddy, Gene Lucas. The 10,000 whiskey bottles with maintenance workers walking on top of them were very impressive. I also saw pictures of the bongs (that's what they call them) that pla kats (bettas) grow in naturally. I have seen in real life the fish rooms of several IBC members and can definitely say there's more than one way to skin a pla kat. LA

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