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If you follow the fundamentals in this article, it’s easy to create a healthy environment for your Betta fish. Your fish will be happier, he’ll live longer and you’ll get joy out of seeing him swim around his tank.

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@Ralph: Thanks for the kind words! You wont harm the fish if you do it correctly. You are correct that moving him quickly from one environment to the other may shock him. You need to gradually acclimate him to the new tank just a you would if you were bringing him home for the first time. Good luck and glad you decided to upgrade your betta's home.

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-To determine how aggressive female betta fish are dependent on environment. The tank was created from Styrofoam and covered with a brown silicone upon which sand and peat was added to give the natural looking effect. The green grass like plants in the aquarium is a true rice plant – further adding to the realism of the betta fish’s natural environment.

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Just because you buy your betta fish inside of a small cup doesn’t mean that he/she likes small environments. Betta fish love large tanks just like every other fish. They have small kits you can buy for cheap. You usually save money because they come with a heater, LED light, and filter sometimes. One of the most popular kits is the . They are top sellers and have amazing reviews.

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Betta fish are beautiful exotic and fairly easy to care for fish that make excellent additions to any home or even office environment. While Bettas are fairly hardy and easy to manage, they do still have certain environmental requirements for optimal health, as well as things that one can do to provide the most stimulating and healthful environment possible for their Betta. It isn't particularly difficult to provide the optimal environment to your Betta once you understand what their basic needs are.Doing a partial change of your Bettas water (1/3 of the water per change) every other week is another excellentway to keep the optimal environment for your Betta. Bettas are also very active fish, and thus stimulation isrequired for a health environment. It is recommended that the tank your Betta is kept in be lined with rocks orpebbles, as well as the inclusion of live plants or decorative aquatic ornaments that provide hiding spaces andtight spaces for your Betta to enjoy.The biggest aspect of Betta fish care is management of the water. Bettas are naturally found in stagnant waterpuddles in the rice paddies of South East Asia. Though the Bettas we buy at the pet store are only related to theirwild counterparts, they do still prefer the same type of environment. They need a stable and consistently warmwater temperature - it is best when the temperature can be kept between 75-85 degrees Fahrenheit. Due to the needto keep the water temperature stable, it is best to keep Betta fish tanks or vases out of direct sunlight as thiswill cause temperature fluctuations.Betta fish can very easily be overfed, which will cause their food to sink to the bottom of the tank and pollutetheir environment. It also is not at all unheard of for Bettas to overeat. To provide the best Betta fishenvironment for your fish, proper feeding is also vitally important. Bettas are carnivores and thus can only eatspecially formulated Betta fish food. They also like live foods like mosquito larvae and blood worms. These treatsare also available dried for those without access, or the stomach for, truly live food.