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Dropsy in itself is not a disease but a symptom of one. Dropsy describes the severe organ failure leading to the swelling and pineconing of the scales we sometimes see in our bettas. Part of the reason it is so difficult to treat is because several things including internal bacterial infections, viruses, and parasitic infestations, all of which have different methods for treatment, can cause it. Even if the source is determined it is not uncommon for the fish to later die from the irreversible effects of kidney failure or damage to the other organs. Once the disease has progressed to the point of abdominal swelling it is rarely treatable. Additional symptoms of Dropsy include lethargy, dulled color and loss of appetite. Dropsy is sometimes confused with the abdominal swelling associated with . Viewing from above can identify differences. When Dropsy occurs the swelling shows obvious protrusions when looking down on the fish. Bloating caused by constipation is usually only obvious when viewing your fish from the side. Pineconing does not occur in a .

May 9, 2017 - Find out the signs and symptoms of some common betta fish diseases and learn how to prevent and treatments of betta fish illness diseases.

Dropsy is not a disease, but a symptom of a bacterial infection. It surfaces as a swollen or bloated condition where the fish’s scales stand out like little pinecones. This is a and unless appropriate treatment is administered, the afflicted Betta may die.

Betta is a very beautiful fish and so is it highly sensitive

Do you think your betta fish may have Ich? Learn about the causes, symptoms and treatment and prevention of ich; a common freshwater aquarium disease. , is a dinoflagellate algaethat parasitizes many freshwater fishes, but Bettas and Killifishes areparticularly prone... As the name implies, this disease appears as asort of "velvety" coating on the host fish's bodies...often as a golden dust or "rust" (another of this diseasescommon names), that may be very hard to see unless the fish is brightlyilluminated, and you glance it at an angle to its body. Other symptomsinclude rapid, heavy breathing and listlessness. This disease can beovercome in much the same ways as Ich... with elevated temperature andmedications. Some authors encourage copper-based solutions (chelatedrather than ionic are better), but I advise aquarists against copperuse with Bettas (and most freshwater applications) as being toodifficult to keep track of... sustain physiological doses. Instead,look to acriflavine or Methylene Blue as safe, effective treatmentshere.

This is the only fish disease that is contagious to humans

Betta Fish Diseases and Treatments - Part 1 - Get instant access to our famous "Betta Fish Secrets" mini-course at ! Don't Let Your Betta Get Sick! Avoid Betta diseases that stem from viral infections and learn how to treat your Betta. Many of the viral infections are treatable. Find out about them in this helpful video.

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Dropsy is the symptom of a very serious fish disease, and must be treated with urgency. This and other diseases that afflict fresh or saltwater fish in your aquarium can, if neglected, kill other species in the tank as well. Your entire is at risk!

Periodic health checks for dropsy, as well as other serious fish diseases like , will always help to keep your pets healthy and swimming for years. It is imperative to consult a fish disease expert to discover the cause and to obtain the appropriate treatment for dropsy in your Betta. can be highly contagious; but even if they’re not, they can be fatal to your fish if left untreated for any considerable amount of time. Here are just three of the most common viral diseases that afflict bettas, and their treatments or control measures.