I Had One Betta Fish That Died The Day After Changing His Water

When you purchase a new fish, your betta must be acclimated to the water of its new tank. Sudden temperature and water parameter changes are stressful and can be deadly. The tank should be prepared before you bring your betta home.

Betta fish can get ill easier in smaller tanks so please remember to change the water frequently 🙂

Confused or unsure about how often to change the water in your Betta Fish tank, or how to do it? This article will explain the in very clear steps exactly how to change your water without harming your betta fish.

I had one betta fish that died the day after changing his water

No. Please do some more research. Unless you’re going to change the water daily (stressful for the fish), bettas need a filter. Hello I stumbled a pound this thread and now I’m totally confused. I had my fish 4 months and researched bettas for about 2 before that and every post I read could not stress the importance of clean water. I have a 3 1/2 Gallon tank with a sponge filter heat stick 2 silk plants 2 lil moss balls and this week I added bamboo. My fish loves the bamboo and the moss balls make a huge difference in the water clarity I use spring water and clean completely clean the tank and chage the water every 7-10 days. But now from reading this thead it sounds like I’m doing more harm then good. Someone please help me understand what to do. Eg. With the sponge filter should I not clean it once a week also a have medium size glass stones not gravle do I thoroughly clean them or just give them I fast rinsing. Because this thread (great BTW) contradicts everything I read in the last 6 months. Thank you for your time. Please help me help my lil guy be as healthy as can be.
PS I also have stress coat but and water conditioner again I use spring water should I use either one? Lastly I love my betta as all owners do and by nature I equate love by feeding him well the urge to I feed him omega gold pellets it was 4 a day cut down to 2 with a day of not feeding him at all is this correct and what could I feed him as a snack I hear a pealed pea? Sorry I went on so long but as everyone reading this I want my buddy to live a happy and long life. Again thank you for the time
Respectfully, Dustin

How I Do Water Changes for My Betta Fish - YouTube

Just like it is for any aquarium, regular changing water for your Betta tank are the easiest way to keep the water quality high and your Betta healthy. The amount of water that has to be changed depends on many factor: tank size, amount of fish, live plants, filter or no filter, etc.

Changing of Betta Fish Water - Basics and Info - Betta Fish Care