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If you are asking, where to buy betta fish then we would suggest you get them online as the movement of stocks is quite high than local stores and you get freshly bred fishes with healthy vitals hence the best place to buy betta fish. While in offline stores they sit for days until they are sold to the local community.

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I hope that this post will help you in buying your next betta fish online. Please keep in mind that I’m just one guy and that my experiences may not be the same as yours. If you agree with my list of choices or have other sites that you think I should include, please comment on this post below. If you absolutely disagree with the list, I also want to hear from you and learn why you had a bad experience with a particular site.

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If you are planning on buying a betta fish online, then don't miss out on our latest post Assorted colored male betta probably is the best fish to have for starters. Also maintaining them is very easy so it will be the most suitable pick for kids or for the beginner aquarists. However, only male bettas show such vibrant color as females are less colorful. So, if you buy betta fish with colorful fins you will be assured that it is a male.

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The popular tail types mentioned above are by no means an exhaustive list. There are some other tail types that are ‘forgotten’, not very popular or in an experimental stage. To obtain them, you’ll usually have to visit a betta show or buy your fish online.
Spade tail bettas, usually plakats or veil tails, lend their name from their pointed tail shape. The one pictured below is a plakat I saw at the 2013 Interkoi Show.
Round tail bettas look similar to delta tails but have a much rounder tail shape that almost resembles a perfect oval. I have never actually seen one myself but with some research you may be able to find one!
Half sun bettas are similar to combtail bettas but are produced by crossing halfmoons and crowntails. Part of the spawn will be very striking halfmoon fish with slight crowning in the fins.

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Are you looking for the best places to find bettas for sale online? Then you are not the only one. I’m often asked that question so I figured it was time to post the information. Some of you might be wondering, is it actually safe to buy fish online? I can tell you that in my experience, I’ve had the same luck buying fish online as I’ve had buying in stores. Some last and some don’t. The perk about buying fish online is that (in my opinion) there are a lot more choices available, especially when it comes to bettas. The important thing is to buy the fish from a recommended site and I hope that this post will take some of the guesswork out for you.
is the most popular fish for a beginning aquarium enthusiast. It is quite disease resistant, very resilient, readily available and inexpensive. Look below online vendor for more about buying betta fish that I would recommend from.