How to Selectively Breed Betta Fish

Many novice breeders are often unable to distinguish between males with females. So often happens breeders are mixing fish of the same sex. Of course this will cause the fish will fight so that the tail is damaged. Actually it is easy to distinguish males with females. Hickey females have a less attractive body shape and are not symmetrical; tailed betta females are also less attractive and short; female betta colors less brilliant than the male betta. Hickey stud instead and had a long tail and beautiful and brilliant color.

It is a sign that your Betta fish is preparing for breeding. The process follows as such:

On top of that you crossbred a Veiltail and a Crowntail, so none of them will look proper if they were to survive. And again, you allowed fish bought from a dinky pet store like PetSmart, a store known for horribly breeding their Bettas. And while your fish are pretty, they are so very standard for a typical store bought fish.

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This page has information about Breeding Betta Fish and raising the babies. Click  to buy male Betta Fish and  to buy females. Even in the fish tanks without a female fish, the male Betta will make the bubble nest because of its instincts. There is no specific time frame for them or period of cycle to observe. It is just known that they do it from time to time with their instincts that the atmosphere is compatible for breeding process.

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This tail type is a very beautiful one, where the caudal fin is split in the middle, producing two caudal peduncles and what are referred to as tail lobes (fins). A true Double Tail should have an even split right to the body and have two caudal peduncles. The dorsal fin on a Double Tail is extended. Breeding Double Tails to Double Tails is a very risky cross, as this will produce fish with spinal deformities and short bodies due to the twin caudal peduncles. This tail type can sometimes be seen in combination with any of the Delta Tails and Half Moon bettas.

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