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The bowl will need to be thoroughly cleaned before the Betta can be added. Betta's are incredibly sensitivewhich means you should never use any cleaners, even mild soap, when washing the Betta fish bowl. Use hot wateronly. All water used for Betta fish, whether during the initial setup, or during water changes, needs to be at roomtemperature. Tap water should be left out overnight, so that many of the chemicals and impurities will evaporateout of the water. Betta's are very sensitive to both chlorine and chloramine. There are drops and tablets,available at most pet stores, that you should use in the water to remove these elements.

The betta fish tank is the setup that fits in between the betta bowl and the betta aquarium.

When introducing your Betta into a fish tank bowl, create an environment similar to his natural habitat. This setup will not only look beautiful, but it will also keep your Betta happy and healthy. Add appropriate plants and into the Betta’s tank that resemble his native waters.

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my Crowntail betta fish couple. My Breeding bowl setup with Crowntail Male and Female. This is my new betta bowl setup. This is a 3 gallon heated, filtered betta bowl. It is fully cycled and is a perfect environment for my fishy. This setup includes a marimo ball, a semi-aquatic plant, and a silk aquatic plant.

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The first and most important part of the setup is the correct size of the fish tank. It follows a basic principle – The bigger the better. The minimal size of the fish tank needs to be of 2.5 gallons ( 10 litres ). But optimum size of the fish tank for the fish to happy and of bigger size is 4 gallons. This fish’s origin is a rice paddy field and thus it can never thrive in a small tank or bowl. The knowledge of Betta fish breeding can be gathered right from its natural origin.

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