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Me and my brother just bought betta fish from walmart, and now I discovered that they have fungus! And once I went into walmart and there was a dead betta in water that was black. Yes, black. Black. And of the 15 bettas there, only 4 were alive, and they were dying. None had any bubble nests.

In nearly all Walmarts that sell fish, you will find dead and dying bettas and ..

My name is Ramsey ** from an organization called Save The Bettas. I'm sickened by my local Walmart's inability to take adequate care of the fish in the pet department. After countless complaints to management, and bringing dead fish to their attention on many occasions, I finally decided to write and complain. Walmart in Palmhurst, TX does not adequately care for their fish. As a matter of fact, they do not feed their fish, change their water or even remove dead fish from the shelf.

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OK to buy betta at Walmart, Petco, etc.? - Betta Fish and Betta Fish Care Walmart in okeechobee FL is abusing Betta fish(fighting fish), letting them die by suffocation, disgusting water, putting them together in tiny bowls and starvation, please call or send complaints to this walmart about there awful conditions, i am appalled by this.

I just got my betta fish from walmart yesterday

In Athens, GA the Walmart is pretty good about taking care of their fish. With that being said, I encountered one dead betta today since I've been scoping out their fish for 2 mos. I complained to management and explained that I feel the need to rescue their bettas because of fear that fish aren't being cared for (I had recently bought three bettas). They immediately got rid of dead fish and now I wonder if that is what they do when one dies because of poor care. Management apologized but I told them that I'm an animal lover and finding a dead fish was unacceptable. I will keep my eye on this Walmart and if I find a dead fish will take pic, then complain. Everyone that is an animal lover please make sure to complain to management and complain with conviction, it is our responsibility to take care of animals on this earth, big and small.

(a crown tail male and a female)

Walmart stores are keeping pet fish on their shelves "until they sell or die" (according to a sales associate).

The Bettas are stacked on a shelf — the dead among the living that are barely moving. The tiny containers are filthy and don't have filters. And fish could be stacked one on top of another so the fish at the bottom don't even get air.

If these were the conditions under which puppies or kittens were being sold, Walmart would be shut down and fined for animal cruelty. Why should it be any different just because these are fish?

Walmart needs to get out of this fishy business. Tell Walmart — Stop selling fish in horrible conditions! Ask Walmart to give the fish full tanks with filters and proper care.I was about to complain to the Walmart pet department about their fish. They don’t take care (let me rephrase that,….never) take care of their fish. It’s really sad, I am 25 years old and have been breeding fish for over 10 years, I have bred multifarious types of fish, from simple goldfish to lion fishes. Since I love fishes, while waiting for my husband in Walmart I looked at some of their live fish, I was heartbroken to see their state. The poor Bettas were dull and gray without their vibrant touch and active character, (this only takes place when they are stressed out, sick, or about to die, and trust me most of them were like this), and in the goldfish tank, hundreds of the goldfish were stuffed and on the bottom lay most of them, dead, with the other goldfishes feeding on them. They don’t even properly clean the tank, I know this for a fact because a clean tank would not have algae or foreign floating objects in it, and these tanks, all they had were algae and unknown things floating about…..most of all they had dead fish, who probably suffered from Walmart’s inappropriate care. It was a terrible sight. I really hoped that if they have no clue whatsoever on how to breed fish, that they abandon this department, Walmart may be a good place to shop for countless items, but for live fish it is is the worst……….WHOEVER DOES NOT WANT THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES TO SUFFER WOULD STOP BUYING FISH FROM WALMART!!!! IT IS A TERRIBLE ACT OF ANIMAL (fish) CRUELTY!!! (their fish supplies though are fine)…..