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Sarah June. Two things. Bowls aren’t suitable for betta fish as they do not allow for proper circulation. The second. Betta fish originally live in the shady rice paddies of northern India. They require places to hide and chill out. They need shady spots and your aquarium so you need to provide a cave of some sorts also a lid as they are jumpers. Finally switch your tank light off at night so they can rest. Your betta will look paler in the morning but this is completely natural. Good luck. 5years experience.

It is a common belief that betta fish can live in an aquarium as small as a cup.

Many people decide that changing the water in the aquarium every few weeks is more than enough, but the fact is that build ups can happen pretty quickly, so a filter is always a good thing to have, plus it means having to change less water and do so less often. When it comes down to it, we would without a doubt recommend that you get a good water filtration unit for your betta fish tank.

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This aquarium kit is marketed for Glofish, but it’s also a great tank for Bettas. I have 3 female bettas that share a tank with one African dwarf frog, 2 guppies, 3 platys, one cory cat, and one temporary comet (had a problem with neighborhood cats and our pond). My aquarium is a 36 gallon bow front that is moderately planted. My biggest betta has been very territorial when I add any new fish to the tank. After she establishes her dominance though (usually only takes a few days), she does not bother the other fish in the tank. My smallest betta hangs out with my dwarf frog under the same plant every day. My last betta swims around with my platys mainly. In my experience they are great community fish.

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I have an 80 litre aquarium and a red Betta who loves to snake about in the vines. He lives with 4 glass shrimp, 2 large Angels and a small shoal of tetra. There are also 4 zebra cory. He seems happy and doesn’t fight. I have a pond style filter,heater and air pump. They are very graceful fish. I rescued him from living in a stupid cup. It looked like Harry Potter living in a cupboard and I felt sorry for him. He’s a cutey and seems oddly smarter than my other fish. I’ve bought another 55 litre tank so I can get another, I’m smitten.

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