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We just upgraded our male Betta to a five gallon tank with a filter. I bought two neon tetras (I wanted to buy six because they are meant to be in a school but the store only had two) I figured no big deal- I’d buy more later. Wrong! We came home from dinner out and the two tetras were dead and my Betta had bite marks all over. The tank is for my 3 year old daughter and we had our first fish funeral. Any suggestions on how to get my Betta recovered from the bites? This morning he seemed like his old self. Now- I really want a tank mate. Should I try a pleco (bottom feeder) or snail? I really like the idea of a fish that cleans the tank. What about a snail? I feel bad keeping the Betta alone which is why I wanted another fish/snail for him. Do you think he wants to be alone? Or should I try the pleco or snail? Any advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Betta fish also often don’t want company. Although aggression levels vary between fish, both males and females are generally quite territorial, not to mention carnivorous. They will attack anything that looks too much like another Betta and some will view anything small as a yummy snack. At the same time they are also rather timid and vulnerable, which means they are easily stressed out by anything that moves too fast, is too colorful or wants to nip their fins. Lastly, they require relatively warm temperatures that are just a little too toasty for many other species and don’t do well in hard water with a high pH level.

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Me and my brother just got two baby betta fish from petco , can we put them in the same tank i am terrified for my two betta fish. i have them each in a seperate 1.5 gallon tank. they are showing signs of their water being too cold. i am a teen though- my mom wont allow me to get a water heater. one of them is very bloated, and the other just hides in her shell (its tank decor) all day. im very concerned. how can i convince her to allow me to give them better living conditions? i have not taken the temperature of the water, i dont have a thermometer to do so. crossing my fingers.

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I have a betta in a 25 gallon tank with live plants. As well as some of the fish mentioned above and others that weren't. He's super happy, when ever I stand in front of the tank he always swims back and forth showing off his beautiful colors.

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