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The Amazon Sword is easy to grow and maintain. They are considered a staple in many betta fish tanks and aquariums because of their beauty and hardiness. Although there are dozens of varieties of Amazon Sword plants, in most pet stores they are all sold under the same name.

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This is a long, green, and flowing plant, kind of like a wispy fern, so a cool way to grow them is by letting them creep up one of the sides or the back of the aquarium, letting them cover a wall. This will give your betta fish a cool little area where they can swim through and hide in, plus it just looks really cool too. These things also do a pretty decent job at filtering out the water. The Ancharis can get pretty big, but that can easily be taken care of with regular trimming. Finally, these aquarium plants are fairly resilient and can handle various water parameters, especially those necessary for a betta tank.

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Learn how to spruce up your aquarium by choosing the best live plants for betta fish! Bettas also like to rest, sometimes on an ornament or on the aquarium floor, but often they’ll perch on a plant leaf. If you put plants in your aquarium, they’ll provide your betta with the perfect spot to chill.

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DON’T PANIC! We know the title sounds scary but none of the recommended plants on the list below need CO2 injection and fertilizer. It’s only for real avid aquarium keepers that wish to keep sensitive plants. You may see these things mentioned when shopping for some plants for your betta, but for a beginner or if you just want some standard easy-to-care-for plants, you don’t need to worry about CO2 injection and fertilizer.

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Plastic: Plastic plants offer many benefits. While they do not produce oxygen for the water like natural plants do, there is no and they require minimal care. With such a large variety of types and colors, plastic plants can really beautify your aquarium. If you decide to use plastic plants for your Betta's tank, make sure that you clean them every time you change the water. The photos plant is another safe plant for your Betta. This plant is usually found in terrariums and fish aquariums and is ideal for indoor setups because it does not require much light. The water sprites and java fern plants are also other acceptable plants you can use in your Betta's recreated habitat. Silk: Like plastic aquarium plants, silk plants provide a relatively no-hassle decoration for your tank and can make your betta feel more at home. Although silk plants do not produce oxygen like natural plants, the leaves are softer than plastic plants. Because silk plants have no hard edges and are more lifelike in their movement, they are less likely than plastic plants to catch or snag your.An aquarium is a really cool thing to have and betta fish even more so, but you can’t have just fish in there. Your betta fish tank needs some plants to liven it up, make it look pretty, and give your betta fish some entertainment too. So, what are the best live plants for betta fish? Let’s get to it and talk about what we feel are the best 7 options for your betta tank.