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I have two betas, male and female (separated) what types of fish do they get along with? I wanted them to have a partner to swim around with, or are they more of the loner type?

Here is a tri-color butterfly male betta. He is red, blue, and white. And this beta fish is a halfmoon.

I have a 3 year old son who is obsessed with animals and fish so yesterday we decided to go buy him a 10 gallon fish tank and added five female beta with two fake plants and a home to hide in when they want to the tank has a heater and a filter and UV lights on the lid so my son uses it as a nightlight also we have been feeding them in the morning and at night I’ve never had an actual tank growing up so my fish never survived but my sons bettas seem very happy in there new tank they play with eachother and haven’t shown any aggression and more active in there new home then when I got them at the store I plan on cleaning the tank every two weeks to make sure they stay happy in a clean environment but what I was wondering is it possible to in a month or so add a type of small frogs to the tank and maybe 2 alge eating fish or would the tank be to small for this? the fish love my son if he puts a finger on the outside of the glass they follow him so I think its a great learning experience for him and a great idea since he is an only child till we can have another one but I’m afraid of them dying is there environment okay for them and would it be okay to add two more fish to eat the algue to help keep the tank cleaner and also the frogs since my son absolutely loves frogs?

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Male Beta Fighter Fish Just wondering what everyone thinks about possible compatability of a male (half moon) beta with 3 large (biggest being about 7″ nose to end of tail) fancy goldfish in a 55 gallon tank? Any ideas?

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My Beta fish died on Christmas day. My husband rescued him from WalMart. He had been treated very poorly there. Any way he lasted over a year in our home. Today I purchased a young, lively, deep royal blue Beta at PetMart. He is in my 1 gallon vase bowel with live water plant and Stresscoated treated room temperature water. How old can these fish get before they pass away? In the future I am thinking about getting a 5 gallon tank and have a female and male Beta in it. Also is tank gravel recommended for their environment?

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I just bought a 10 gallon aquarium and I’m Male beta fish to go inside of it. Went to a couple of different places just to choose the most beautiful male I defined. Initially I wanted to save a beta fish from the Walmart but I decided to go with a different one because it probably is healthier from somewhere else. Although it does make me sad how they treat their fish and I would like to adopt want to take care of it eventually just so I feel better how they treat their fish. I have this friend where whenever we go to Walmart she will actually page the fish selection of employees and have them change the water there because if she sees one dead… There is going to be a problem. She’s so funny to be around and just is so for the animals that it’s crazy.I have two beta fish. Male and female. I have a divider and the two are in the same tank. I have a crucial bubble next but I am afraid that if I let them together he will kill her but I want babies. What to do?