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Keep the Betta (not Bata, not Beta, BETTA, the "E" is short, not an "A" sound) and his plant near a neonydium plant bulb for 6-8 hours a day. This will help the plant to thrive and also provide good light for the fish. My peace lily went from looking yellowed when bought to BLOOMING in about three months. You can use the kind that goes into a regular table lamp. A "hidey place" should be provided for your Betta's comfort - the plant helps but is not truely a hiding place. Keep the roots trimmed too so the betta has room to stretch his fins. Your bowl should reall be no smaller than a one-gallon size. At this size or bigger, you could even keep a small catfish with him for company and to keep the bottom a little cleaner.

Beta fish and spider plants - betas will eat from the roots. Plant and pet all in one!

Hi had a beta for 2.5 years he was good this morning and tonight I went to feed him and he’s dead at bottom of his vase. I have the big vase with plant on top. I just had hip surgery on Monday so I’ve been laying down and my friend came over and was cleaning kitchen where the fish was. Do you think the cleaning chemicals got in his water somehow and killed him? I’m sad. Thanks

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Mason Jar beta fish tanks! Use the giant liter jars and plants for oxygenation About this being a slow death wrong , Instead of a Peace Lilly Look up about carrying for a beta they ve come a long way plants feed fish and fish feed plants and vegetables they all grow in water or ponds but done GREEN. And as far as the fish resting by betta leaf at petco. study before preaching only people that act before searching every ave. need to get a new neighorhood of bad energy. Light, love, Listen and share the good and not the negative .

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Using an old flour jar for a fish tank makes for an elegant betta environment that you can add live plants to for healthier water. I've never seen a more active beta than Archer!

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Using an old flour jar for a fish tank makes for an elegant betta environment that you can add live plants to for healthier water. I've never seen a more active beta than Archer!Bamboo and betas live well together. The droppings from the fish feed the plant and the fish enjoys having natural plants to hide and play in. I've noticed my bamboo that are in my fish tank are more healthy than the ones just growing in a container. I put black river stones in the bottom because I like thelook of them and to help hold the bamboo in place. My fish enjoys having theplants to hide behind and it gives a more natural feel to his home. Bamboo andBeta come from the same region and live happily in the same environment. Bambooand Beta need their water replaced and their homes cleaned routinely so they dowell together. Hi! I have had my beta fish, Chrome, almost 4 years he seems to be super happy based on my limited knowledge. He is an A filtrated tank with plants and A Japanese temple to hide in! I found that he loves to look in the mirror as well as follow my shiny jewelry ring around I just want to make sure that I am NOT playing with him too much or over stressing him are there any rules or guidelines to how much attention I should give him per day meaning I will sit in front of the tank for about five minutes a few times every day and allow him to follow my ring times I will even put a shiny spoon on the outside that he can follow. He seems to enjoy it as he goes to the top of the tank and blows a couple of bubbles. But once again not sure if this is good or bad please let me know if you have any suggestions