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Are you a beginner aquarist with a simple, small tank? Under gravel filters are a good choice for beginner aquariums. They are positioned under the gravel of an aquarium so they are great for anyone who doesn’t want to see a filter. They’re inexpensive and very low maintenance, though the floor of the aquarium needs to be vacuumed regularly so the filter doesn’t get clogged. They typically don’t provide chemical filtration, so they are best suited to smaller aquariums. Keep your aquarium free of plants, since the roots can tangle in the filter, and they won’t get the proper amount of carbon dioxide.

May 28, 2017 - Power filter (Hang-On-Back or HOB filter) is one of the best aquarium filters for small to medium tank size

If you want an aquarium filter that has a hang-on design at the back of your aquarium then this aquarium filter, the Penn Plax Cascade Hang-on Aquarium Filter, is definitely what you need. The aquarium filter is ideal for aquariums with a capacity of up to 100 gallons but you can also choose smaller types or models of this aquarium filter from 10 gallons, 20 gallons, 35 gallons to 50 gallons in size efficiency.
The aquarium filter is also ideal for fresh water use as well as for salt water use so it is very recommended for versatile options in your aquarium in question and the quad filtration system of this aquarium filter is very superb in its entire quality to keep your fishes truly alive and your biodiversity in your aquatic tank as balanced as possible. Moreover, there is also a part of the aquarium filter that helps to remove nitrite as well as ammonia to keep the fishes swimming as healthy as possible.
The aquarium filter has the capability to filter out water for up to 300 GPH or gallons per hour due to its great and superb built and the bio falls technology of the filtration system of this aquarium filter is indeed very revolutionary in its entire design to keep your fishes as healthy as can be. There is also an activated carbon technology used in this aquarium filter that is out right ready for you to use in any time of the day with this aquarium filter and a bio floss part of the aquarium filter is also included and is very helpful in filtering out the aquarium water along with the bio carbon cartridge that is present in the aquarium filter.
To help the particulate matter that floats around the aquarium, there is a poly fiber floss cartridge in this aquarium filter for your safety and security. In fact, discoloration, odors and toxins as well as harmful chemicals can be easily eliminated using the included activated carbon cartridge included with the aquarium filter. The oxygen exchange in the water is also thoroughly improved due to the very fact that it has an internal sponge capability in the aquarium filter. There is also an intake strainer that sits mostly close to your aquarium due to its extendable stem that is included in this aquarium filter.
There is also a leveling device that is included in this aquarium filter to help the self priming of the filter and the intake tube just right in its position and the bio falls technology of this aquarium filter helps for both wet and dry removing of nitrite and ammonia as well. There is also an adjustable flow adjustment for this aquarium filter to best match the tank volume of your chosen aquarium to use this aquarium filter with. The tube of this aquarium filter can also be easily extended for your needs.

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Updated! Best Internal Fish Tank Filter - 2017 [Review] - Jack Dempsey If you have a smaller aquarium, or just a smaller budget, hang on back filters are the next best option after canister filters. These filters provide excellent filtration, and can also provide a decent amount of current in aquarium, which many fish prefer. Hang on back filters can be used on nearly any size tank, and the manufacturers provide models that operate on fish tanks as small 5 gallons (23 litres), all the way up to 100 gallons (455 litres) plus.

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Canister filters are the Cadillacs of the aquarium world, and they provide excellent filtration for larger aquariums. While they are usually considered the best type of aquarium filter, they tend to only be used aquariums larger than 29 gallons (132 litres). The reasons for this are simple – canister filters don’t come cheap. And beyond that, their filtering capacity is really overkill for a smaller aquarium.

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