Carefully fill aquarium with the prepared saltwater

This setup is the same as a Fish Only with the addition of live rock and better . Check out the Saltwater Aquarium Setup page for more detailed information on this type of setup. The use of live rock has really taken off in the past decade because it really is the best form of natural biological filtration for the saltwater aquarium. It is called "live rock" because of the creatures and organisms living on the inside and on the surface of the rock. It can be very interesting to the look at the organisms and algae growing on the rock.

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Live rock is probably going to be the greatest expense with the initial setup of a saltwater aquarium. For a reef tank setup it may be the . For this reason, you are probably going to treat your live rock like gold once you get it. However, even though it can cost a lot of money, it will probably end up saving you money (in fish) because it is the best form of biological filtration. The curing process can last anywhere from 1 week to 2 months or more depending on the shape the rock is in when you get it.

Gently rinse live rock in a small bucket of prepared saltwater

This marine reef tank aquarium setup article provides information on how to get .. Welcome to our Saltwater Aquarium Fish Guide! On this page you will find articles that will get you started on the right path when setting up that first saltwater aquarium setup. There is a lot to learn if you have never kept a fish tank before, but don't get discouraged. The learning process can be quite fun and probably the best advice that we can pass along is to always do your research before you buy anything for your aquarium. Good luck and if you have any questions don't hesitate to hop on the Fish Lore forum and ask a question. There are lots of hobbyists on the forum that are willing to help.

Install aquarium equipment per manufacturer's instructions.

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