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Landlocked amateur chefs need not settle for or whatever fillets they can find at their local grocery store. Sushi-grade fish—the best fish you can buy—is only a click or two away on your personal computer. Here, according to the chefs that use them, are the very best sites to buy fish online. (And once you've got your fish, check out our .)

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Its a fairly new store that has been open for a little over 2 years. Fish room is only half finished as far as freshwater, from what I understand. There will be close to 200 tanks of FW fish when it is done. Great selection of products, generally rated as a "Good, better, best", no junky products just to take up space. Saltwater supplies, but no fish yet. They will track down products for you, sometimes takes a week or two on weirder items, but they do their best. They will also order fish for you, or just order ones you're interested in. The fish room has only been open a year, but its always stocked with some interesting things. They also have a very nice reptile section with a lot of very unusual reptiles and some very interesting store pets. There's a big lizard in their reptile room... a monitor of some sort, that's 5 feet long and puppy dog tame. Its a family owned store, and the staff seem to love their jobs. They have favorites in all sections of the store, including favorite fish, and a real love of the animals in their display tank. Its nice to see all of the animals getting attention through out the day. I very rarely go anywhere else. The individual attention at this store can't be beat by That Fish Place. The employees are always willing to chat, and help with problems. Also, if they don't know the answer they research it instead of making it up. I'm a customer for life. Oh, and they also have dog, cat, bird and small fuzzy thing supplies, as well as puppies.

Does anybody know any reputable online fish stores

Feb 10, 2016 - Which is the best place to buy fish, online or at a local fish store?? You are 45 from a major metro area, there should be plenty of quality local shops in your area... and I bet that at least one store orders from Quality Marine (a wholesaler which DrFS ships from). Fish availability is dependent on the collection and quality of the product. What are you trying to find? A good LFS can have their eyes on the wholesaler list for you and then order when a good specimen is available (and often the good LFS has a good phone relationship with the wholesaler too. You really are not going to find better stock that LA since Quality is perhaps the best and LFS match that or even best it by having a good quarantine system on hand when the shipment comes in. I find that many online vendors order from cheaper sources and then sell the product at a higher cost.

I get to pick my fish up instore, but its my absolute fav fw store

Sierra Fish & Pets was originally opened in 1972 under the previous name of Fish Gallery and Pets. We now continue operating our original flagship location,located in Renton WA just south of Seattle, which is a 7200 sq ft full line pet store that specializes in all around pet care. We strive at this location to be the very best all around pet store in the Seattle metro area. We are dedicated to provide the very best for pets health. We have all the foods, supplies, and habitats you would possibly need to care for your Dog, Cat, Aquarium, Reptile, Bird, or Small Animal. We have a complete aquarium service team that offers design, installation, and maintenance services for your home or office. We can also provide aquarium relocation, breakdown or vacation services for your existing aquarium.

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