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Lighting a saltwater aquarium with fish and no plants coral can be accomplished using fairly inexpensive fluorescent lights. The general rule is to use 1 to 2 watts per gallon. With fish-only aquariums, the color and spectrum of the light is not as important as it is for reef aquariums. You can select the type of light that best suits your preference and shows off the colors of the fish. You should, however, use lights that are made for aquariums. Do not use standard fluorescent bulbs from the hardware store because they can promote the growth of unwanted algae in the tank.

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Some lightings work for all types of tank. However, many of them are for a specific one. It is either best for Freshwater aquarium or Saltwater aquarium or Coral reef tanks; or two of them; or both. Their design provides the best condition for the tank they belong to, but not really good for others.

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Nov 25, 2016 - In Chapter 1 I addressed fish-only tank lighting requirements, .. The best aquarium LED lighting for your fish tank depends on the type of aquarium that you plan to have. This could be saltwater, freshwater, fish-only, reef or planted. This leaves quite a large range of aquarium lighting types that means you have more change to end up making a wrong choice. Of course nobody wants to buy the wrong thing, so I have compiled this complete guide to help you to choose the right LED lighting for your fish tank type.

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Lighting that as closely duplicates the sun (not necessarily light that is most pleasing to us) is important for ALL life, although more noticeably for corals and plants. Fish too are part of this chain of life. Basically if you take away the sun and the energy it provides, you take away life itself and I do not think if you are trying to achieve the best environment for your fish whether fresh or saltwater, you are doing them a favor by depriving of this source of energy, so duplicating this is one more part of your "aquarium keeping puzzle".

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