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are an external pressurized filter for larger aquariums, upwards of 30-50 gallons. They can be set up underneath or next to your tank, so they’re not as limited in size as power filters. Because their capacity is much more larger than power or internal filters, they are the best at all 3 types of filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological). If you have a large fish tank or your aquarium is overload, you should have a canister filter.

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The best types of aquarium filters today such as power (HOB), canister, internal, corner (box), sponge filters… are all useful if you know what fish tank types they are intended for. For choosing the right filter for fish tank, firstly you should understand the mechanism behind these filters and how do they work? In this article, I will outline some of the most popular aquarium filter types to help you know which is the best one for your fish tank.

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Feb 11, 2017 - best Internal Aquarium Filter BioScrubber Fish Tank Filtration Water Body Wrappers Plus Size Leotard Long Sleeve - 4X - Black 60%OFF An aquarium canister filter is the component that intakes the water from the tank to be purified before it is returned to the tank. Different fish tank canister filters use different components and mechanisms to do this, whether it be an intake tube, a sieve, or valve, all canisters pull the water into a pressurized canister, filter the water, and then return it to the aquarium. It’s a multistep process that we often don’t even notice is happening when using the best equipment. The majority of aquarium kits come with power filters that typically sit inside the fish tank. Sometimes they are hidden behind screens or internal walls, but often power filters are in plain sight. A canister filter will sit under or behind your aquarium and will be out of sight, therefor giving your fish more space to swim and will give you better views without unsightly aquarium accessories. Canister filters are also typically more powerful and do a better job of keeping your fish tank clean.

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So, what do you need to keep in mind while shopping for the best canister filters for your aquarium and fish tank? Well, first and foremost you want to consider the safety of your fish. The canister filter is going to be vacuuming water in and you’ll want to make sure you get something with power that matches what it is your fish can handle. There’s plenty of tragic stories out on the internet about fish that couldn’t handle the current of the filter and ended up getting sucked in. So make sure whatever power of canister you get, it fits what your fish can handle. You can do this by looking at specific sizes of filters in relation to your aquarium.

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