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I like you approach on such a delicate subject.
Personally, I’m a huge fan of glass nano tanks, but, as you correctly wrote, neither type of Aquarium is better than the other.
Thanks for helping us all.
Best, Bob.

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One of the best new all-glass aquariums on the market has got to be the Tetra Half Moon Aquarium. This amazing 10-gallon tank has a crescent shape front glass panel that really gives a new life to your underwater friends through a different viewing angle, and the frameless top edge design makes viewing easier compared to other aquariums.

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Apr 5, 2016 - Discover the best ways to clean the aquarium glass without scratching the surface of the aquarium Elos, Reef Savvy, and more recently Red Sea have achieved a certain degree of perfection with their glass tanks, especially in the larger aquariums that classify as furniture. But when it comes to virtually perfect desktop and hobby-sized aquariums, for years the best of the best glass aquariums have come from Aqua Design Amano.

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The single biggest challenge to aquarium image creation is dealing with the external reflections. The aquarium is lit so you can find your way around, which can cause issues because the light reflects off of everything! The walls, benches, your clothes, your camera gear, you and the other visitors as well will all be visible as reflections in the glass of the large aquarium tanks. In order to even be able to attempt taking worthwhile photos, you need to control the reflections. Blocking them is a start. You could wear all black clothing to block the reflections…but even all black clothing usually has buttons... and then there’s the issue of your face. Yep... it reflects too. I guess you could go dressed in full Ninja gear... But the looks you’re likely to get... May not be the best idea.

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Then there is another 55 gallon kit that is best for its LED lighting system. This features a special hood system and a LED light that will keep the insides of the aquarium visibly clear. There are 3 switches that you may use to operate. The 55 gallon glass aquarium has fluorescent lighting, a special cartridge and a filter. There is a submersible heater of 200 watt, a fish net, an inbuilt thermometer, samples of food and water and a set up kit. This unit does require a reliable though, as all those extra features add into the weight department. Don’t worry with the LED lighting because if you keep the hood open, the light will not get affected any way.Larger chips that do go past the thickness of the adjoining glass could present a problem and may lead to a stress fracture when the aquarium is filled. It is best to replace these panes with new glass.The aquarium should be inspected for chips or cracks in the glass. Small chips that don't go past the thickness of the adjoining glass are of no concern. The tanks that are the best candidates for refurbishing will have few, if any, of these small chips.his tank is a full 93 gallons, making it the largest option on our list. For someone who wants the best of the best, it’s hard to beat this tank. It measures 30 inches in length, by 30 inches wide, by 24 inches high and is all glass – so, needless to say, this is a fairly heavy tank. It helps to have two people to set it up. This is a cubic aquarium with a seamless frame, housing distortion free and scratch resistant glass for a lifetime of enjoyment.