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Remember, though, that the job of keeping the glass and ornaments clean falls on you, not the fish. The best “algae eater” for the home aquarium is the one I like to see released to the wild regularly: the aquarist. An algae brush is the only thing that is going to keep the aquarium clean and free of algae (short of not putting water in it). If you add an algae eating fish, do so because you like the fish, not because you expect him to keep your tank clean. (Pigs eat trash, I don’t let one roam my apartment in the hopes of keeping it clean. . . I have a puppy for that!)

It is best to buy a new bucket to use only for cleaning your fish tank

Many people like the gold Inca snail because it is a great tank cleaner. They have a huge appetite and they love to eat everything from algae and fish food, to vegetables as well. These are perhaps some of the best snails when it comes to keeping the tank clean. Keep in mind that if these snails don’t find enough food they may begin to eat the live plants that are in the aquarium, but as long as they have enough algae and other food sources that shouldn't be a problem. Also, they don’t multiply very quickly so that’s another bonus.

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Best Self Cleaning Fish Tank of 2016 - A Detailed Guide - Aquariphiles This is a great snail to have in freshwater aquariums because they don’t actually reproduce in freshwater aquariums. Moreover, they spend all of their time in search of algae on hard surfaces and in the . They are some of the best fish tank cleaning snails around.

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Cories are spunky little bottom-feeding catfish that only grow to about 2-3 inches in length. They're peaceful, fun to watch, and best of all they serve as the "clean-up crew" for your tank.

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While can only remove the left and solid wastes in the water, gravel vacuum cleaners (siphon or python water changers) help to remove sludge deposited deeply in gravel or sand substrates. The sludge in the substrate, if excessively accumulated, is a rich source of nitrogenous toxins that are harmful to fish and aquarium lives. Keeping the aquarium substrate clean is an essential work to maintain a healthy fish tank and the gravel cleaners are designed to do that work. Before reviewing the best cleaners, let us define what this important equipment is and how it works.Behind every beautiful aquarium is an algae scraper and vacuum. These products will help you maintain a healthy environment for your fish and keep your looking great. Remember that is an ongoing thing - even the best products won't keep your tank clean if you don't use them regularly.The answer to this question may seem like a no-brainer but looking at the components of your aquarium will make all the difference when deciding on best practices for fish tank cleaning. So, what makes up your fish tank? Decorations, equipment, filter systems, substrate, housing, water, and fishes… to list a few. The best siphon cleaner for gravel has the ability to clean your tank effortlessly without creating any mess or hurting your fishes.