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Clearly, this is a common concern of many beginners, who are trying to start their new hobby of fish keeping, which is why in this article I will give all the required details and reviews, you may need, to choose the best fish tank of 5 gallons for you.

Learn how to choose the best fish for your freshwater tank setup and make smart choices when stocking your aquarium.

Ultimately, each of the tanks listed in our best betta fish tanks guide are easy to setup and maintain. Aquariums come in all shapes and sizes, and you have a lot of options. I hope that this betta fish tanks review will help you to find the right one for you. Let us know any comments or questions in the comment section below.

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I am looking for a two gallons filtered fish tank for a beta fish , which is the best and were can I buy it? They are very peaceful fish, but their active and inquisitive nature may get them in trouble with any large, semi-aggressive tankmates. For this reason they’d be best in a tank with other highly active fish they can’t annoy.

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I would leave the amphibean off the list and put Pacu on… what’s not to brag about having the largest pirahna species in your tank? They are gentle giants,growing to 3 feet in captivity, larger in the wild. Luckily our Zoo will take them if ou grow one too big to turn around in your tank. (I did,16.5 inches in a 55 tank before I found out about the Zoo.) They are omnivore, eating almost anything that falls into the Amazon in the wild. Mine loved worms. Best kept by themselves although in the 125gal another lived happily with 2 Oscars that ate goldfish.

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A well-designed fish tank can add color, light and ambiance to a home or office. Keeping an aquarium can be an enjoyable and relaxing hobby, and is ideally suited to beginners. Start with a small set-up and a few fish, to determine what works best for the location and environment. The wide variety of sizes and fish species makes expansion easy, as experience and skills are gained.These fish, like angel fish, are beloved for their bright colors and interesting personalities. Also like angelfish, they require special water parameters – soft, stable, slow moving and warm water. They are shy around other species of fish and can be easily outcompeted for food. They actually will do best when kept in species-specific tanks with lots of space to swim around in and a calm environment in which to interact with conspecifics.