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Fluval C3 Power Filter is also an external power filter manufactured by Hagen Fluval. The filter can handle aquariums from 20 to 50 gallons and it is the great choice for a 29/30/35/40 gallon aquarium. The filter well performs all 3 types of filtration through 5 stages that provide the best environment for your fish.

What would be the best type of filter for a 30 gallon Aquarium (Guppies.)

are an external pressurized filter for larger aquariums, upwards of 30-50 gallons. They can be set up underneath or next to your tank, so they’re not as limited in size as power filters. Because their capacity is much more larger than power or internal filters, they are the best at all 3 types of filtration (mechanical, chemical and biological). If you have a large fish tank or your aquarium is overload, you should have a canister filter.

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i have a question sir what type of filter will be best for a 30 gallon aquarium and also a heater how many watts do i need In summary, I recommend Power Filters for aquariums no more than 30 gallons. You may also use internal filters for the same aquariums if you don’t mind the space they require in the tank. A canister filter is the best choice for anything more than 30 gallons, if you have the budget and you like its quietness and efficiency.

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Different Types of Aquarium Filters:

1. Power Filters
These filters are often hanging on the back of the fish tank, and creating a waterfall as the water is filtered and thrown back into the tank. They are fairly cheap, and they are the most commonly used filters for this very reason. They also have down sides, which include the noises (waterfall, as well as the motor). The intake and outflow of most power filters are fairly close to each other, which makes the intake continue to take in a lot of water which was just filtered. Power filters also have limited filter media, which makes biological filtration a less strong point. While it might be a good choice for small- to medium-sized fish tanks, personally I would not recommend a power filter for anything more than a 30 gallon (or 110~120L) tank that is heavily stocked with a lot of fish. You may however use two or more power filters for a single large fish tank, but it defeats the strong point of being cheap. is one of the best power filters available.

Fluval FX6; Marineland Emperor 400; Aqueon Quietflow 30

Canister filters are typically much more powerful than other filters because they can accommodate more filter media and hence, perform all these filtration best. However, canister filters are more expensive than other filters used for the same tank sizes and usually chosen for medium to large aquariums upward of 30 gallons. They are the popular choice for stocking many saltwater or freshwater fish that requires a good filtration system to do well.