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What you can expect from this Eheim everyday fish feeder programmable automatic food dispenser, is what you will not get in others, so before making your buying decision, do not forget to give its features a look so that you do not miss out the best product in the market.

If so, what is the best type of feeder fish to give

We have carefully selected out the best automatic fish feeders to save your time and keep your fish fed and healthy all the time. You can choose any of the products, listed above for your purpose as we found all of them to be good value for money.

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What are the best feeder fish to use? | Yahoo Answers The issue of using feeder fish is obviously not a simple choice. There are many pluses and minuses to each side. If you do decide to use feeder fish, be sure to do so responsibly. Respect the life that you are ending to benefit another fish, and see this as a part of the natural life cycle rather than as a way to entertain yourself. Raise the feeders with great care and to optimum health, and make sure that they are disease-free. There is no right or wrong answer to the question of using feeders or not, so it is up to the individual to decide if it would be the best source of nutrition for his or her fish.

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seams you already know the feeder fish isn't good food. yes guppies home breed will be the best option if you really want to use feeders. but then you could end up with another problem cos your oscar won't eat after and only accept feeders. if you want it to hunt have you tried live shrimp. much better food but again can contain disease in the water. remove all shop water and put them in a temporary container before feeding. 1 guppy a month will not do any real harm and will be more like real life of a oscar with some fish as food. live crickets make a very good food packed with proteins and also make good food for oscars. mix the diet for best results.

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Piscivorous fish can be divided into three typesaccording to the degree to which live fish are an important part oftheir diet. The first group are the opportunistic piscivores.These are species that only eat smaller fish when the opportunitypresents itself. Small fish will be eaten, but they are not a majorpart of their diet in the wild, and in captivity they can be maintainedeasily without any need for feeder fish. By far the best-knownopportunistic piscivores are angelfish; while they have evolved to feedprimarily on mosquito larvae and other small invertebrates, in aquariathey will steadily work their way through any livebearer fry or smalltetras (such as neons) in the tank with them. Other widely traded, butnot always recognised, opportunistic predators include polka-dotcatfish, Asian killifish, giant danios, spiny eels, ropefish,archerfish, knight gobies, and mudskippers. With opportunisticpredators, it isn't so much providing them with feeder fish that isthe issue, but making sure they won't 'accidentally' eattheir tankmates that's the problem!If you are looking for a source, thereare a number of very healthy prepared foods, from flakes and pelletsto frozen complete diets, and specialty foods. If you do have a fishthat really needs live foods, your best option is to set up a breedingprogram so that you can breed healthy live foods that you raisedyourself. This will give you confidence that your feeder fish arehealthy and are a good food source for your predatory fish.For mid-level and benthic predators, such as leaffish andtoadfish, earthworms and river shrimps are usually the best option asfar as live food goes. Both are safe and nutritious, and exhibit justenough movement to trigger the feeding response. Dangling small frozenfish on cotton thread can sometimes work well, too (though the preyshould be tied to the thread loosely enough that the predator can pullit free!). Often, starving the fish for a few weeks helps to whet itsappetites, encouraging it to try whatever foods you put on offer. Largepredatory fish can easily manage without a meal for several weeks, butfor the anxious aquarist this 'trial of wills' can be rathernerve-wracking! Sometimes though, even these tricks won't work, andthe predator has to be kept on a feeder fish diet. With these fish,truly the only safe option is breeding your own feeders. Buying cheapgoldfish and guppies just isn't an acceptable alternative.They’re just one problem with these things. What if they stop working? Then you end up with . That’s why you really need to get the best automatic fish feeder you can find. Getting a faulty or unreliable unit just won’t cut it.