The Ultimate One Page Guide to Betta Fish Care

Or you can make a vibrant tank by mixing neon yellow shrimps and cherry red shrimps – it will be mesmerizing. Also when you think about the benefits that you can have from keeping shrimps in your fish tank, it becomes necessary to get freshwater shrimp.Neon yellow shrimps pop out more when you add green vegetation to your tank or black pebbles. These shrimps are also sturdy in nature so no need to take extensive care of them hence the perfect aquatic lives for the beginners to have.To create the most mystifying underwater environment with these 5 live freshwater dream blue velvet shrimps you need to add some intense lighting and black substrate. And adding the proper decorations will increase the aesthetic beauty of your tank drastically.These 5 live freshwater Dream Blue Velvet shrimps are supplied at the age of breeding by so clearly if you want, you can breed them and have more shrimps or you can interbreed with other shrimps and get vibrant color shrimps hence this is a great deal to have.Lobsters are my personal favorite and most of the aquarists love them too, but as because of their bigger sizes, it is hard to accommodate them in very small tanks. The best idea is to get the shipping of high-quality dwarf lobster.To add more colors to your tank, you can add this orange mini lobster. The darker substrate with deep green vegetation will be the perfect combination to keep your mini lobster. This is a perfect buy for those who have guppy fish in the tank as this lobster well-jell with guppy fishes.As it is not possible at all to take care of an unhealthy fish or invertebrate, so after buying any fish you must quarantine it and then put it in your tanks as it is the best way to keep your tank safe from any kind of germ or bacteria. Also, to buy betta fish you must rely on a trusted source.You can have a check on our For More Reference.

Learn which tankmates to choose for your Betta fish in a small aquarium or community tank environment for the best chance of success.

Bettas are bubble-nest breeders and are frequently bred in aquarium. If you wish to try breeding Betta you will have to start by obtaining a pair. The best method is usually to get at least two female Betta and two males. It is important that you select healthy looking fish with good external features. By preparing at least four Bettas and getting them into breeding condition you will have replacements if a couple turns out to be incompatible, or if any Betta turn our to be unhealthy or incapable of breeding. To get your Bettas into breeding condition should keep them in a suitable environment and follow all the general guidelines for keeping Bettas, such as ideal water temperatures, suitable pH levels etcetera. Feed the potential parents live or frozen meaty foods twice a day or more.

Start off by keeping all four individual Bettas isolated, but still able of noticing each other during 3-4 days. You can also use another method where you isolate the fish completely from other Bettas during four days. Somehow isolation seems to trigger spawning in Bettas, but we still do not know why.

A 2.5-10 gallon aquarium is large enough to function as a breeding aquarium for Bettas, as long as the water can be 5 inches deep. Decorate the aquarium with floating aquatic plants, and also insert a few clay pots as hiding places. The water temperature should be kept constant between 80 and 82 degrees F. A cover is usually necessary to keep the water and air at a constant temperature, and if the room is subjected to draft a cover is absolutely necessary since any draft can cause water movements that will disturb the Gourami bubble-nest.

What kind of conditions would be good for a betta

The betta fish will be grateful if you are willing to spend time on researching the best environment for them. As you said, so many people just buy a bowl and use that for their betta tank without giving it a second thought. The problem with this is it does not provide your betta with the maximum space and the best environment it needs to grow. A tank is definitely the better option if you want the best for your fish. And when you have a pet as awesome as a betta, why wouldn’t you give it the best possible home!

Best Betta Fish Tanks - 2017 Reviews & Top Picks

Betta fish can happily live in community tanks and many specialist aquarium stores are now displaying their betta fish in community tanks. This isn’t a hard thing to manage as betta males are actually fairly peaceful, usually only attacking other male betta or those they confuse as male betta.
In fact the biggest issue with betta fish in community tanks, isnt the aggressive betta, but fin nippers and fish that are simply too fast for the slow moving and eating betta boy. Success can be found with many of the laid back tetra varieties, female guppies, and other live bearers that are different in colour to your betta.
As for tank size, while your betta can survive in a 2 gallon tank, this is not a recommended healthy environment. The smallest you want to keep a Betta in would be a 5 gallon tank with partial water changes every other week. A 5 gallon tank doesn’t take up much room and is much more adaptable. You have extra space for decoration as well and you’ll have a chance to see your betta actually living instead of existing. But you wanna know the best size for a Betta?
10 gal community tanks have been shown time and time again to be the best homes for betta fish. They don’t need such frequent water changes, they can support live plants and self regulate much better than a smaller tank. Add the that all that added space that you can decorate and aquascape, 10 gal and larger really are the best choice for any loving betta owner.

There are not many fish as colorful and pretty as betta fish