The Micro Sword is another plant that is very easy to keep and a great choice for the beginner. The Micro Sword is a dedicated foreground plant. It will form dense mats by continuously growing runners that will propagate the plant across the aquarium substrate. This plant thrives with the purchase of a dedicated planted substrate. Here is a link to an article that describe some of the best substrates available. However this plant can still thrive in a gravel substrate and lower lighting. With higher levels of lighting it will grow faster and thicker forming a grass base to the aquarium.

- A guide to help beginners choose the best plants for their aquarium.

Below is a list of the best freshwater aquarium plants for beginners. They are broken up into two categories (carpet and background aquarium plants).

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Jul 25, 2014 - Below is a list of the best freshwater aquarium plants for beginners All plants require light, but not all plants require special plant lights. Most "beginner" aquarium plants will survive well enough with nothing more than a standard . If you want the plants mainly for their water-quality value, then that's probably all you need. If you decide to venture into more exotic plants, however, or if you just want your beginner plants to grow their best, then you should consider installing an .

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I love having real plants in my freshwater tanks but, what types of plants are the best for a beginner aquarist? There are tons of freshwater plants sold in local fish stores but, which to chose. Here is a list of plants than any beginner can grow to make their tank look like a miniature forest without wasting money on the ones that won't!

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They often do best when attached to hardscape such as Driftwood, Rocks or even just placed on top of the substrate. If the tank experiences optimum conditions these mosses can begin to grow very quickly and can sometimes even overtake the aquarium. For this reason it’s usually easy to purchase moss from other aquarist because sometimes it can grow so quickly that it becomes a pest.Wisteria is yet another example of a beautiful and undemanding plant that is suitable for your first aquarium. The plant grows quickly and also helps to inhibit algae growth. But Wisteria also sucks a lot of nutrients from the water. Pale leaves indicate that there is a shortage of nutrients in the aquarium, and that fertilizers need to be added to the substrate. The Anubias Nana plant is also popular among beginners, since this plant thrives in virtually all conditions. Best results are obtained by tying the plant to a tree root or stone. This plant often flowers in water and is usually left alone by herbivorous fish. If your aquarium is provided with strong light, you can keep Lillaeopsis. Lillaeopsis looks more or less like grass. It grows fast, but does need bright lighting and can therefore be an unsuitable choice for your very first aquarium before you have learned how to control the algae. If you want to keep an amphibious plant, you can try the Cryptocoryne Beckettii. It is a popular plant among aquarists and it grows really well when it is submerged.