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By understanding the benefits and features of the have to offer, a consumer will be able to determine the best aquarium filter for their needs. As with many of the models listed below in our chart, there are smaller and larger versions of each that would qualify for your filtration needs. Once you found the brand and type of filter you like, be sure to dig further within the page to find the other sizes provided.

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The larger filter chamber and high flow rate make one of the most effective filters for media to large fish tanks. There are many well-known brands for you to choose such as Fluval, Penn Plax Cascade, Eheim, Aquatop, SunSun… The best canister filters are ones that can excellently perform all three types of filtration (mechanical, biological and chemical), especially the biological filtration to ensure aquarium water clean, clear and safe for fish. In this review, I will provide you some tips for choosing the right canister filter for your fish tank.

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Five Aquarium Filter Brands to Look Out For | The Best Aquarium Filters So far we have gone over what makes a good aquarium filter, the different types, the best brands and shown you a few of the most popular aquarium filters.

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As we have seen before Eheim are renowned for manufacturing energy efficient filters and since they are one of the original producers of canister filters their models have been tried and tested by countless amounts of enthusiasts all over. With their wide audience and impressive ratings Eheim is one of the main go-to brands when choosing a canister filter. This particular version filters 116 GPH and states that it is suitable for aquariums up to 66 gallons.Unlike the majority of canister filters the Eheim classic filter is setup slightly different with the intake tube situated at the bottom and the outlet tube located at the top. Usually, both intake and outlet fittings are situated at the top of the filter which can sometimes mean that a small amount of water can re-enter the tank without completing the filtration cycle. By having the tubes fitted at either end of the filter all water is forced through each stage of filtration making it a very well organized system.High-quality materials are used for all parts of this filter and generally it is a very sturdy appliance with the ability for a lengthy life span. It comes with filter media, spray bar, canister chamber, filter sponge, hose and installation fittings, everything you need to start your setup immediately.Like most Eheim filters this one also comes highly recommended by many people who have been using this filter for several years. It has been documented that it’s maybe, not the best choice for an aquarium 60 gallons or over as it doesn’t quite have enough power to efficiently filter the aquarium as it states in the description. Other than that this filter has been proven to be a long lasting and reliable filter.

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