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The fishing rod is probably the most important piece of fishing equipment. Modern saltwater fishing rods are usually made from either graphite or fiberglass. Graphite rods are generally more expensive than fiberglass rods, but they are also much stronger. Beginners may find using a graphite rod easier as they are lighter and easy to handle. Fishing rods should always be rinsed and wiped down after use to prevent saltwater from corroding the rod and reel. The length of the rod depends greatly on from where the angler is fishing, whether it is the beach, a pier, or boat.

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The smallest recommended size is a 30 gallon aquarium, and for saltwater, bigger is always better. A large marine ecosystem can better handle the daily fluctuations in water quality than a small ecosystem. We have found that 55 gallons is a perfect beginner aquarium size. A 55 gallon tank will allow for several types of fish and it is large enough to maintain a stable environment. Keep in mind, that while it is possible to keep a very small saltwater tank, we recommend that only those aquarists with prior saltwater experience attempt it.

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One of the best beginner saltwater fish for a saltwater aquarium are damsels. We add new aquarium fish beginner's guides and articles on a regular basis, so check back frequently for new fish and aquarium articles. Below you will find the freshwater and saltwater beginner's guides.

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As a result, advanced hobbyists will probably consider my recommendations for to be rather conservative. Beginners or aquarists of limited experience, however, will enjoy much greater success by choosing from what I consider to be the top ten saltwater aquarium fish.

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If you are just beginning your journey into saltwater fish keeping you should know that somemarine fish are easier to keep in captivity than others. The following saltwater fishare good choices for the beginner:These are great saltwater fish for beginners. They come in several different colors. They tolerate changes in water fluctuations better than most other saltwater fish and they will eat a variety of aquarium foods, such as flakes, frozen, freeze-dried, and live food. They are also relatively small about 3-4 inches at most.