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Mollies are hardy, highly adaptable fish, which make them easy pets for beginner aquarists. They also produce a lot of babies. In pet stores, many mollies will be pregnant in the tank because they procreate so frequently without assistance from aquarists. Because they are such high fry producers, they are often used as live feed for carnivorous fish. The fry can start eating pellet food or algae in the tank right away.

Mollies are hardy, highly adaptable fish, which make them easy pets for beginner aquarists

It is important to . Many new aquarium kits come with a little packet you can use to add the necessary elements for cycling, or you can purchase it separately at the pet store. You can also cycle the tank simply by adding a little fish food, which will begin to break down and kick off the process.

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are hardy, highly adaptable fish, which make them easy pets for beginner aquarists. Another all-too-common mistake is overstocking our aquariums. I am speaking from experience when I say that it can be difficult to resist the urge to add more fish. We’ve all been there, browsing through fish tanks at our local dealer when we spot something new we just have to have. Impulse buying is a weakness for many of us.
It can also be a little confusing for beginners to appreciate the difference between the local dealer‘s tanks and their own aquariums. The store has 50 fish in a 10-gallon tank, and they all seem healthy, so why wouldn’t that work at home? The fish in store tanks are typically there a relatively short time, the tanks receive large water changes and often are filtered with a centralized systems (which use ultraviolet sterilizers and are designed to handle large bioloads).
I’m not going to provide a general rule for stocking the aquarium but will instead encourage you to research the specific needs of the fish you are interested in. Read as much as you can. Find a trustworthy pet store, and talk to experienced fishkeepers.

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When I used to work in a pet store, many beginners would come into the store complaining that their tank was full of small worms. Right away, without even asking any questions, I knew this person was more than likely overfeeding the fish. The little flatworms they saw are known as planaria, and though these worms are generally harmless (and ironically, your fish will even like eating them), they are an indicator that water quality is not optimal and (usually) that the fish are being overfed.

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Last, but not least, is everyone’s original favorite pet, . Whether you choose Goldfish for their wide spectrum of colors, the range of sizes, or the fancy varieties with bubbleheads and big eyes, they are great for beginners.Below is a list of five more fish that are ideal beginner fish. This list is to supplement the above list of best pet fish for children. I have kept each of these species multiple times over the last 30 years, in everything from 10 gallon tanks to my current community tank setup, a 55 gallon. You will find all of these fish at your local fish store. They are hardy, easy to keep, and make great pets. So here they are in no particular order (though I am privvy to the kuhli loaches!)