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I have an old 55 gallon fish aquarium. It hasn't been used in years and will need a good cleaning, and maybe a new silicon seal, first. But is it safe to use the aquarium for our bearded dragon?

WHAT DO YOU THINK? does the fish food say "great for bearded dragons!"?

Unfortunately they cant. Fish food is especially made for the diet of fish who are completely different to bearded dragons. There is always the possibility that there maybe some elements of fishfood that they can eat, but it is a risk that is not worth taking and is a food to avoid.

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No. Not enough research has been done to prove if feeding fish to a bearded dragon is healthy or unhealthy. Unlike iguanas who can require enclosures that take up half your room, bearded dragons are comfortable in traditional glass aquariums as long as they are 40 gallons or larger. The terrariums meant for lizards tend to be a bit wider than ones meant for fish, measuring 36 inches long by 18 inches tall by 18 inches wide at the very smallest for adults.

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The cage you will need for your bearded dragon is a glass fish aquarium. The size of the cage depends on your bearded dragon. I have posted a ...

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actually a bearded dragon could handle a small fish as a meal as the bones aare soft n more like cartilage and the scales would digest fairly easy as they manage to digest morio worms with ease and there like little armoured worms, however i would still say dont feed it fish as its nt something it would normally eat, also i would advise against pinkies aswellBut, much to the delight of everyone., Laabs brought a whole cast of characters: Spike, Leo, Andre, Mr. Tottle and more. To someone walking through room 1214 before or after school, you might say, “Oh, isn’t that cute; the science teacher has a turtle, lizard, fish, bearded dragon, butterflies waiting to lay eggs, a hermit crab, tadpoles, mealworms….and is that a real bunny?”An important factor when choosing an enclosure is the security of it. You don’t want your bearded dragon to be able to easily escape during the middle of the night, or while you are gone. Many fish tanks, or specially designed for reptiles come with a heavy metal that fits snugly on the enclosure. These are ideal when using a glass or acrylic enclosure. Jessika’s bearded dragon habitat. Complete with cave, basking ledges, and more! Repurposed fish tank with back & floor covered in adhesive floor tiles for easy cleaning. Interior structures created from thick Styrofoam, cover with wall plaster, spray paint with stone texture, seal at least 6 times with spray sealant. Allow to air dry/cure outside for at least 5 days. Nail glue to inside of tank and touch up. Air dry for 48 hours. Clean well and add Pascal the lizard!