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No aquarium is ever problem free, so it’s important to have someone who fish owners can rely on for advice when issues arise. Cesar Lau has been in the aquarium business a long time and has gained a loyal following throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area. H2O Habitats is a personalized, custom service that will order the right tank, fish, and supplies for you and then set it all up as well. Lau and his team will also troubleshoot problems and provide regular maintenance if needed.

drive the extra distance because this is by far the best aquarium store in the Bay Area.

The location gives OT an unlimited expansion opportunity for service clients. The store is centrally located near one of the major arteries to the city. Just one block from a central freeway entrance/exit, convenient for people to stop in from all over the Bay Area. This is in contrast to your typical small neighborhood aquarium store, where they mainly cater to local repeat customers and normally cannot handle a large volume of service business. Our main focus is the service customers. If you are continually bagging 15 cent goldfish and selling plastic plants you will not have the time and focus to spend with your new service clients who will bring you residual income week after week.

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extra distance because this is by far the best aquarium store in the Bay Area. Ocean Treasures (OT), is a complete full service marine aquarium store. The vision of OT is to become the exclusive aquarium maintenance service shop in the Bay Area. OT's design was tailored for the enthusiast of high-end tanks and equipment. The store design showcases our inventory of exotic aquariums to attract the most savvy, high-end clientele. The main objective is to give the customer total and complete confidence when they are investing time and money on their custom fish tank.

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Welcome to Fins and Skins! We are the Bay area’s largest Aquarium and Reptile Super Store! We carry the best variety of tropical and marine fish in the area. We get new shipments of live coral weekly and frequently have some of the nicest and healthiest corals around. We stock a huge assortment of captive bred and farm raised reptiles, arachnids, amphibians and turtles. We carry everything you need to start a new fish tank or terrarium set-up, maintain your current one, or fix a problem you may be having. Our friendly and experienced staff will guide you through every step of the hobby. At Fins and Skins we not only have what you need, but will special order in what you want. We are connected to local and foreign breeders, farms, collectors, and importers. So stop by today to “The Place Where Animals Thrive Not Just Survive!”

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