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Water movement is very important in a reef aquarium. The simplest way to accomplish this, and the least power hungry, is to use battery operated air pumps. In a nano, you should be able to provide enough water movement to keep the inhabitants alive with an air pump or two. A little elbow grease and a pitcher should work on corals that are overly 'sliming'. If you have any of the nifty power supplies listed above, turning on a circulation pump or powerhead for a few minutes every hour will help greatly. Small pumps could possibly be run for the entire outage, depending upon the duration.

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A battery-powered aquarium air pump is handy to have when you need to transport your aquarium or unhook the pump from power for any reason. Much more importantly, a pump that runs on batteries ensures that your aquarium gets oxygen even during power outages. Better pumps offer "uninterrupted power" and include rechargeable batteries that remain plugged in and can automatically switch to battery mode in the event of a power outage. Less expensive models may be just what you need for

SODIAL Battery Powered Portable Air Pump for Aquarium Fish Tank

Portable Aquarium Air Pump Material: Hard Plastic Power: Two 1.5V Size D batteries (not included) Dimension: ~13(L) x 7.4(W) x 4.5 Moreover, aquarium air pumps can also be categorized by their power source. Some aquarium air pumps are battery powered, some are powered with a good old electrical outlet, and some have the capability to do either or. On a side note, if you are using the pump to power an under gravel filter, you will definitely need to know the size of the tank and what size of tank the pump is rated for.

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A must for any aquarium, the Silent Air Pump assures continuous aeration of your tank giving you peace of mind and keeping your fish safe. Whether you have a tripped breaker, a blown fuse or a complete power outage, the Silent Air B11 Battery Powered Air Pump will give you hours of needed air when you need it most. Periodically test your Silent Air B11 Pump by unplugging the AC cord with the unit ON which should activate your pump. Batteries should be tested and changed as needed.

The AC power cord is for power detection only and will not charge your batteries. Requires 2 Alkaline "D" batteries (not included) that can provide full power for up to 48 hours depending on the life of your batteries. Length of operation with battery power will vary depending on the quality and age of the batteries used. Placing unit on a shock absorbing surface will minimize vibrational noise.

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