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Known to provide auxiliary air when the main air source fails, the Marina Battery-Operated Air Pump could miss out on these top 10 best air pumps for aquarium reviews. This reliable back-up air source is the best solutions to homes that experience electrical power failures. It helps ensure that your fish are safe and comfortable in their homes at all times. Equipped with air stone and 18-inch tubing, the Marina Battery Air Pump is a perfect portable aerator for fish in transit.

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We highly recommend this air pump for emergency back-up air in aquarium, small tanks, and small ponds.
The pump is designed to run continuously on 110V power.
When the power shuts off, the pump automatically switches over to battery back-up and continues to run until power is turned back on.
It features two modes of back-up operation: Hi - runs 14 hours continuously on full battery mode; Low - runs 28 hours on intermittent mode where the pump is on for 50 seconds then of for 50 seconds.
Utilizes universal 6V 4.0 Ah battery (included), which is easily accessible.
Two 3/16" outlets provide 0.15 cfm of air at 30" of water depth.

Aquatop Ac/Dc-One Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pump Blue 2.5 L/Min

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The AC/DC One Battery Operated Aquarium Air Pump works like a standard air pump, but offers an ingenious design with integral back up battery power.

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Looking for a reliable battery operated air pump to use for your aquarium in case of power failure? Then join Dr. Brown from PetSolutions as he explains how to use this back up air pump.

The Marina Battery Operated Air Pump is a reliable back-up source to provide air in case of an electric failure or where power is not available. It is also perfect to use while transferring fish.

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The Penn Plax Silent Air B10 Aquarium Air Pump is a must have. This air pump provides a constant supply of oxygen to your fish tank in case of an emergency power outage or for transporting fish. Since this air pump is battery operated, it can also be used for fishing to aerate both bait and your live catch. The unit operates on the battery power from 2D size