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These battery powered gravel vacs are super cheap and as you would expect, they don't work very well... UNTIL you make a few modifications like i've done in this video. If you have bare bottom tanks in your fishroom and you're tired of looking at fish waste, give this modification a try, it's extremely satisfying!

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In recent years, gigantic in-home custom fish tanks, which frequently cost well into the five figures, have become important status symbols for certain wealthy New Yorkers. But the migration of fish into the apartment building lobby reflects both a desire to cater to the interests of children in increasingly family-oriented areas like Battery Park City and a belief that the lobby should be a communal destination for residents, rather than a place where neighbors simply pass one another by.

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Insten Battery-Powered Gravel Cleaner Aquarium Fish Tank Siphon Vacuum Tropical fish and reef tanks will benefit from steady aeration during stressful times such as cold weather power outages. While bubblers aren't used much in saltwater set-ups they provide water movement quite well in an emergency. A cheap, battery operated bait aerator will do in a pinch. However, you'll need to stock up on batteries before a blackout happens. While your usage may vary these devices usually work for about 8 to 16 hours on a set of batteries. I have a couple of battery powered air pumps for use during power outages, both of which will operate vigorously for about 12 hours per charged D battery. You can store a spare battery right inside the casing.

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Your kit should contain at least one Mylar emergency blanket, a battery powered aeration device or air pump, duct tape and as many 72 or 60 hour heat packs as you can reasonably store under the fish tank.

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