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The thing your tank needs the most is air. Your fish consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide. Most of the oxygen enters the aquarium (and co2 leaves the aquarium) by gas exchange at the water surface. The excess co2 gasses off into the room and fresh oxygen enters the water. With good air exchange the aquarium reaches equilibrium with the levels in the air around the tank, and for the most part, doesn’t vary too much. Good air exchange is the result of good flow in the tank and agitation at the surface of the tank. When the power goes out, so does most of your gas exchange. This isn’t a huge issue for most aquariums if were talking about a short period of time, but the sooner you can get that water movement and surface agitation back up and running the better.
A battery powered air pump is one of the things that should be in everyone’s kit. They are inexpensive and can save you a boatload in the event of a power outage. At around the $20 range they are probably cheaper than any piece of livestock you have in your tank. They generally come in two different flavors, automatic and manual. With a manual battery powered air pump like the , you put batteries in the air pump and it starts pumping. The batteries are its only power source. Simply submerge the end of the airline tubing down in the tank and let it bubble. As the bubbles rise to the surface they will not only produce some movement of water in the tank but they will cause ripples on the water and agitate the surface of the water, promoting air exchange. Not only a life saver in the event of a power outage, but the is a great option for long rides home from the fish store or frag swap.

BOYU D-200 aquarium air pump with waterproof battery, can supply clean air for your fish tank

A must for any aquarium, the Silent Air Pump assures continuous aeration of your tank giving you peace of mind and keeping your fish safe. Whether you have a tripped breaker, a blown fuse or a complete power outage, the Silent Air B11 Battery Powered Air Pump will give you hours of needed air when you need it most. Periodically test your Silent Air B11 Pump by unplugging the AC cord with the unit ON which should activate your pump. Batteries should be tested and changed as needed.

The AC power cord is for power detection only and will not charge your batteries. Requires 2 Alkaline "D" batteries (not included) that can provide full power for up to 48 hours depending on the life of your batteries. Length of operation with battery power will vary depending on the quality and age of the batteries used. Placing unit on a shock absorbing surface will minimize vibrational noise.

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21 items - Find cheap fish tank battery air pump for free shipping, worldwide delivery. To keep fish alive... you want to at least be able to keep the pumps running for up to 2+ hours. My central air pump runs at about 100W, therefore my battery backup can keep all of my tanks on "life support" for about an hour or two before the backup power runs out. If your setup is smaller than mine, you can probably squeeze out way more time than I can.

These are specially designed for fish tanks.

●It's easy to use and install.
●Waterproof battery air pump, safe and reliable to use.
●This pump belongs to low-pressure air pump, can supply clean air for your fish.
●Metal clip with a hole for easy to attach to the top of tank glass or hung on the wall or top of the tank with a small hook. (Hook is not included).

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