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Anote for those setting up Fish only with Live Rock (FOWLR) aquariums :Do not waste your money on doing so. Since such an aquarium is going tobe used to keep a variety of fish, it is a fair bet that a good many ofthe fish you wish to have will find the live rock to be a great sourceof food and will strip the life off of the live rock and turn your sixdollars a pound live rock into two dollars a pound base rock in a veryshort time. You will get the same beneficial filtering capacity frombase rock as you would from live rock. For it to do so, all rock needsto be is a surface area for the biofilm (bacteria), which base rock isquite capable of providing. It makes no sense to me to fill a tank withhundreds of dollars of live rock only to watch a wrasse or an angelfishtake bites out of it and come away spitting sand. If you want that muchlive rock in your tank, then you will have to stick with reef safefish, and if you do that, you might as well make a full blown reef tankand enjoy all the life to be found in/on live rock. For fish onlysystems, using base rock for the majority of your rock will save youalot of grief and money. You can of course add one or two pieces oflive rock just to get some coralline algae to spread and cover the baserock, but that can be done also by just getting some scrapings off ofa tank that has coralline growing on their glass and just sprinkle itinto your tank. Save your money and some live rock and enjoy your fish.

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I bought base rock for my saltwater aquarium........However my daughter has a freshwater aquarium and loves my rock. She wants to put a piece or two in her tank.

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Live rock becomes the main biological nitrification base or biological filter of a saltwater aquarium, while at the same time enhances the look of the aquarium and provides shelter for the inhabitants. To better understand what purpose live rock serves in an aquarium, Delbeek explains it like this:

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No matter what type of live rock you choose to use, as you may know, a biological filter base base has to cycle and settle for your aquarium to run properly, and this pertains to the curing of live rock as well.

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There is also dead base rock, meaning it has no live growth on it. This is rock that is devoid of external life that probably won't see much light, so you can put other forms of more advanced live rock and corals on top of it to build your reef system base, once your tank has settled and the base rock is seeded or cured. Beginning a reef tank using seeded base live rock as the center stones of the aquarium is not a bad idea. Once the base rock is established, then you can begin to add, slowly, more advanced types of live i finally got my dry base rocks cleaned, i gave them a vinegar and water bath for one day and after one day i rinsed them with hot pressured water (because they used to be in an established aquarium) and i also got 13kg of dry sand and now im ready for curing the rocks.