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The González sisters have the barnacle business in their blood. Both of their grandmothers were percebeiras, women who scratched out a living from the cracks and crevices of the Atlantic coast. Their maternal grandfather was called on to fight with Franco in the Spanish Civil War, and though he made it home alive, he never fully returned. With eight children and a local economy driven exclusively by farming and fishing, his wife took to the rocks to feed the family. After collecting a cache of percebes, she would travel 30 kilometers up the coast to Vigo with baskets of barnacles on her head to sell at the city market.

i also just set up another tank that has a barnacle and i hope to get a fish for there too.

Luckily for the lice-infested whales, other creatures go after the lice. Topsmelt are silvery fish that school in the breeding lagoons. Normally they feed on marine plants, tiny shrimps and other miniscule creatures of the lagoons. But when the whales are around, the topsmelt dine on the whales. How? Schools of these small fish pick at the barnacles and whale lice crusting up a whale's skin. Topsmelt groom whales in the calving lagoons. By ridding the whales of some of their parasites and old, flaky skin, topsmelt may be helping to cut down the resistance, or drag, that grays create as their huge bodies move through the water. The whales have a smoother ride and the topsmelt groomers get protein-rich food.

Jul 20, 2016 - Barnacle Bill's: Fish Sandwiches and Clam cakes

barnacle bells smokes our own fresh fish then whips it up into an absolutely fantastic dip I am very pleased to say there will be three new pieces on display, alongside the previous work of ‘Barnacle, Fish or Fowl?’, in the Atrium, Great Glen House – Scottish Natural Heritage’s headquarters – in Inverness from 23rd February until 27th March. The building is open to the public 9 – 5 Monday to Friday.

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We first visited Barnacle Bill's over 6 years ago and found it to be very good for crab and fish. We decided to try it again as I loved the giant Red King Crab legs. It was every bit as good as the previous visit....

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Tucked into the northwest corner of the Iberian Peninsula, Galicia has long been shorthand for Spanish seafood supremacy, a distribution center as much as a destination, a fountain from which flows the most sterling examples of rockfish and razor clams, oysters and urchins, monkfish and mussels. Anything from Galicia commands premium prices in Spain and beyond, but the king of the ocean here, at least by the time it lands on the ice beds of wet markets across the country, is the gooseneck barnacle, known in Spanish as the percebe.he's just now really starting to come out a lot and rest on top of the barnacles.. he's a very cute fish, no problem with nipping anything except intruders!!Fertilized eggs are nurtured in the barnacle until they hatch into tiny larvae and are released into the water during May and June, when the water is thick with literally thousands of larvae. Barnacle larvae are a favorite food for many young fish and are consumed in such large numbers that few of the larvae settle and develop into adults.For the entirety of the barnacles' lives they'll exist as diminutive hitchhikers on the backs and bellies of whales. They derive two basic benefits from this commensalistic relationship. As filter feeders, they depend on the availability of plankton, which they filter into their bodies through feather-like appendages extended through holes in their shells. When the whales swim into plankton-rich waters to feed, so do the barnacles. They are consistently carried from feeding to feeding. Protection from predators is another benefit. Barnacles attached to stationary objects often fall prey to fish, sea worms, starfish and snails. However, the whale-riding barnacles enjoy a certain degree of protection from the mobility of their enormous bodyguards.