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thanks 5 years and 1 vacation disaster later, i finally got around to make this bamboo forest fish tank. This is a very hastily put together fun project after my auto topoff failed during my 2 week vacation and the high tech tank turned into an algae farm with no filtration.

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No problem, i appreciate your honest opinions, wouldnt post this i would get offended My vision is have a very clean look with bamboo's leaves just above rimless tank, smooth green carpet of moss, and a white sand road in the middle. The house is just a little bonus (it's not one of those colored resin monster, but made from natural bamboo that i saw used in many aquascape in china to very good results). Glofish was a nice punch of red that highlights an othewise pure green tank, but decided to go for something more natural with goldwhitecloud + rasboras.

and how do you care of bamboo in a fish tank

Lucky bamboo in fish tank? My friend is building me a aquarium stand from bamboo plywood. My filtration will be an aquaponic HOB filter. The tank is a 40 gallon tank (36" length by 18" width by 16" high). My substrate will be dirted with an inch of black sand to cap it. I intend to stock it with shrimp (super tiger shrimp and bamboo shrimp) and Malaysian Trump Snails to aerate the sand and control algae. If the snails get out of control I will add an assassin snail. Once the tank is balanced with the plants and cleanup crew, I will begin adding the fish. I really want two panda orandas goldfish. I might also stock it with a few panda platies as well as a school of white cloud mountain minnows.

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There are several reports of people growing lucky bamboo completely underwater in a fish tank. I would personally not try it since it could die and foul the water, but if you let the leaves out of the water the stalk should do fine in the water.

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I had a forest of bamboo in an old 20 long i used to have. The schooling fish loved it, and it looked truly awesome having bamboo coming about a foot out of the tank.3. 15 gal tank with 3 dwarf puffers and 1 CAE. Due to lack of fish poop I had a hard time keeping any plants alive in this tank. I spend a fortune on replacing plants, all wilted away until I put the bamboo in. Now the puffers sleep on the leaves and the plants look great.Unusual vintage Asian inspired bamboo pagoda aquarium. The entire case and stand are wood constructed and covered with slats of bamboo. The stand has one drawer and there is a light installed in the roof. There is an access door at the top that allows you to feed the fish without taking the top right off. The insides of this aquarium are painted blue. It stands 55" tall and is 32 x 20". This would also make a great tank for reptiles or a terrarium for plants, shells, etc. $800I am planting a 10 gallon fish tank project with fish. I was considering planting lucky bamboo in a jar in a biube tank. I researched that lucky bamboo in a jar needs low or moderate light for good growth. My fish tank is led's will be on at night only. Will the lighting in the tank affect the lucky bamboo plant?