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I plan on making this arrangement too. But to help the cage keep clean I'm going to put one or two snails in it with my betta. I have a frog tank simuliar to this with one lucky bamboo in it my frog and gravel plus this thing they call living gravel. Well he's been living for two years and i just put new water in it. I never clean it just add water and he's doing good. I feel bad cause he's in such a small tank but my fish always die if i move them or clean the tank. My betta tank is bigger than my frogs tank so i hope it is healthy. Where does everyone get their fish. Petco, Walmart,petsmart, or online. Also how is that fish doing and how sick was it when you got it. I want to decide on the healthiest place to get it.

please give pros and cons and experiences with bamboo in a vase with a Betta fish.

This is a picture of both of our bamboo/Betta tanks. The one to the right has had a Betta fish in it for quite some time and you can tell by darker green color in the bamboo that it’s definitely helping the plant. The ones to the right had much more leaves before our cats decided they liked the taste of bamboo. We recently bought the bamboo on the left from a store after seeing how massive they were and just got another Betta fish for it and we’re hoping that it gets as green as the one to the right. The Betta’s love their homes and you can sort of tell with the plants to the right how much our cats have loved the plants and eaten some of the leaves.

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Betta Fish | Our new betta fish with lucky bambo | Amy Wonder Years | Flickr A month or so later, he (the betta) asked me to upgrade his place. Yes, my fish can talk. So I bought a 10-gallon tank and transplanted everything. The water level was raised a bit higher leaving less bamboo exposed to the air so I was concerned. But after a few weeks, the bamboo still seemed to be doing well.

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We just got a betta to add to our menagerie (not that we needed any more :-)) He is the newest addition to 2 dogs, 3 cats and 7 pond goldfish.
I got him because I had a fishbowl with lucky bamboo and thought it would be a nice addition. So far he seems really happy but there seems to be a lot of air bubbles accumulating at the top of the bowl where the lucky bamboo is curled at the top of the water. Anyone seen that before? The bamboo does provide a great way to keep my kitties out of the fish bowl!!

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