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Prior to ever stepping foot in Stan's shop, he was very up front on what my choices were on fishing early this March. Transitional fishing season was still on, and if I wanted my best odds at catching fish it was to target Jack Crevelle. The other option was to try for other species and hope they came in that day.
Catching fish is what I wanted to do, so he paired me up with a couple from Idaho (Mitch and Cindy), and we set off to go do some catching.
Only a handful of fishing vessels went out that morning, all heading out towards Marieta Islands. In chatting with my boat mates, we agreed to keep a keen eye out for certain tell-tale signs of schools of fish. well before we reached the islands, we spotted what we were looking for... BIRDS! Our Captain, Kieko, nodded and turned the boat. Minutes later, we caught up with the activity and BAM! Fish on!! Once I landed the nice 40-45 pound Jack, we relocated the birds, and were off again.
We cycled this way for over 3 hours, hooking up each time we caught up with the bait balls. We had several single hook ups as well as a double and a triple! Only lost one fish, right at the boat.
Once the bait balls dissipated, and were no longer drawing the crowds of birds, we changed tactics and went in search of other fish. No luck after that, but we had already had a great day.
Thanks to Stan, Capt. Kieko, First Mate Luis, Mitch, and Cindy for a great day out on the El Profeta! I look forward to doing this again!


But I have a lot of worms and other baits in my bank, so I will try fishing as soon as possible

Master Baiter´s is the oldest fishing company in Puerto Vallarta and world renowned for it´s service and fishing history. Master Baiter´s, the company, is a two time WBC Billfishing Series Champion in both 2000 and 2001 nobody else in Marina Vallarta can come close to those credentials. Capt Tory of Guanatuna just this last November won the Tuna Catagory for Yellowfin Tuna, another tournament winner in our fleet! We specialize in World Class fishing targeting Black Marlin, Monster Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish, Dorado, Rooster Fish, Milk Fish, Cubera Snapper, Wahoo and the list goes on. Owner, Stan Gabruk, is well known for his fishing articles published in local area (Puerto Vallarta) publications and web sites. Stan is also quoted weekly in Western Outdoor News and has a body of articles available on his blog or web site. We also Guarantee your catch with a 30% money back Guarantee if no game fish are caught in trips over eight hours paying full price! Free Master Baiter´s T-shirt with Trip for person with the largest fish! Standing by to Hook-U-Up

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Funny Vintage Lapel Pin or Hat Pin - Master Baiter with Fish - Pinterest We paid $360 (not including tip and tax) for a six hour trip to target rooster fish. Stan put us on a boat ("Fish On") with no bait. We spent nearly four hours trying to catch bait before the captain finally admitted that it wasn't going to happen. We did not catch a single fish all day. We booked two days in advance and were able to confirm that bait was being sold that day. We confronted Stan and he reimbursed us about $60. He billed us for a trip he never intended to deliver on or else his guys would have been prepared. It was disappointing and unprofessional and we deserved a full refund and an apology. You deserve to be with a company who is prepared to catch your target species. Bottom line: these guys should stick to the tshirt business. Go find a professional fishing charter outfit, not a tshirt company, and you won't make our mistake.

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Four of us took a 10 hour fishing trip with Masterbaiters in late January 2014. We ended fishing on a very atypical day at seas for the PV area. Between the ocean swells and the wind, the seas were big and confused, but the captain and deck hand were steadfast throughout the entire day, consisting hooking us up with fish all day long! It was truly a trip of a life time. I was extremely impressed with the captains fishing prowess, experience, and ability to find fish no matter the conditions were. Top notch fishing outfit, can't wait to book another trip with Master Baiters and get back to PV!

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